RVC meet ends indoor season for Panthers

Shalay Bronemann of the Panthers eyes the finish in the 55-meter hurdles at the River Valley Conference Indoor meet March 22 at the University Dubuque. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Reese Cox of Monticello (left) gets the handoff from Leah Holub in the 4x200 relay at the conference indoor meet.
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     Monticello came away with three championships and two runner-up finishes in the River Valley Conference Indoor Girls Track and Field Meet Thursday, March 23 at the University of Dubuque.

     It was the last of three indoor meets the Panthers had to open their season, and easily the best, with 10 season-best performances.

     “It was a great way to close out this year’s indoor season,” Monticello coach Darren Reade said.

     Winning for the Panthers were Paige Holub in the 800, with a time of 2:27.77; The 4x800 team of Taylor McDonald, Gabrielle Steiner, Jordyn Patterson and Paige Holub in 10:09.24; and Gabby Guilford in the high jump, 5-2.

     Finishing second were Jordyn Patterson in the 1,500 and the 4x400 relay team, with the same foursome that was in the 4x800.

     “Coach (Vallerie) Lynn and I had a few individuals we were really keeping an eye on, and they all surpassed our expectations,” Reade said. “Emily Schlarmann was one of those who really ran two competitive races for the team. Gabby Guilford was also one who we were very impressed with. She really is a talented athlete, and it will be fun to watch her compete outdoors.”

     Earlier, the Panthers competed in the Wartburg Indoor meet March 12 in Waverly, and then the University of Dubuque Indoor Classic March 16. In both cases, the Panthers were missing several individuals due to spring break.

     At Wartburg, Paige Holub won the 800 and finished fourth in the 1,500.

     “Anna Loes missed the 55-meter finals by .02, and Leah Holub only missed it by .08 against a pretty talented field,” Reade said. “Paige had a good start to her final high school season, running her fastest 1,500 of her career for this time of year.”

     In the UD Classic, the Panthers’ highest finishes were a sixth for Olivia Kremer in the 800, sixth for the 4x800 team, and seventh by Paige Holub in the 1,500.

     “Kaylee Stephen ran a nice hurdle race, only missing the finals by .29,” the coach said. “Megan Mahoney is working through her technique with the shot put, and in the process, she threw a foot further than she did at Wartburg.”


March 12

Wartburg Indoor


     55: 10, Anna Loes, 7.99.

     200: 16, Anna Loes, 29.74; 19, Natalie Newhard, 30.09.

     800: 1, Paige Holub, 2:30.90; 38, Jaelyn Graver, 3:23.48.

     1,500: 4, Paige Holub, 5:13.48; 28, Olivia Kremer, 6:34.92.

     55 hurdles: 17, Kaylee Stephen, 9.92; 24, Maria Recker, 10:32.

     4x200: 11, Monticello (Natalie Newhard, Leah Holub, Maria Recker, Kaylee Stephen), 2:00.34.

     Shot put: 31, Payton Jaeger, 29-11; 51(tie), Megan Mahoney, 23-3.


March 16

Univ. of Dubuque

Indoor Classic


     55: 35, Anna Loes, 8.13; 38, Leah Holub, 8.21; 52, Savanah Kremer, 8.45.

     800: 6, Olivia Kremer, 3:14.60.

     1,500: 7, Paige Holub, 5:15.61; 28, Maddie Stadtmueller, 6:32.84.

     55 hurdles: 12, Kaylee Stephen, 10.11; 23, Macy McDonough, 10;57; 24, Shalay Bronemann, 10.58.

     4x200: 18, Monticello (Kaylee Stephen, Shalay Bronemann, Maria Recker, Natalie Newhard), 1:59.50.

     4x800: 6, Monticello (Taylor McDonald, Jordyn Patterson, Emily Schlarmann, Paige Holub), 10:14.50.

     Shot put: 28, Payton Jaeger, 29-11.

     Distance medley: 11, Monticello (Leah Holub, Maddie Lambert, Natalie Newhard, Rachel Larabee), 4:52.01.


     55: 27, Meredith Melchert, 8.73; 43, Allison Barnhart, 9.13; 52, Hope Vorbeck, 9.37.

     1,500: 29, Lizzie Petersen, 6:51.32; 33, Makenna Patterson, 6:58.25.

     4x200: 18, Monticello (Reese Cox, Sophie Hodge, Lauren Bader, Caitlyn Cruise), 2:09.67.

     4x800: 10, Monticello (Olivia Kremer, Jaelyn Graver, Lizzie Petersen, Yutana Hughes), 12:30.19.

     Shot put: 22, Megan Mahoney, 24-2.5


March 22

River Valley Conf.

Indoor Meet

(at U. of Dubuque)


     No team scores kept.


     High jump: 1, Gabby Guilford, 5-2.

     Shot put: 11, Payton Jaeger, 31-11; 20, Megan Mahoney, 25-8; 25, Yutana Hughes, 22-7.

     4x800: 1, Monticello A (Taylor McDonald, Gabrielle Steiner, Jordyn Patterson, Paige Holub), 10:09.24; 6, Monticello B (Rachel Larabee, Karli Recker, Maddie Stadtmueller, Emily Schlarmann), 11:33.53.

     60: 4, Anna Loes, 7.93; 7, Leah Holub, 8.07; 13, Savanah Kremer, 8.38.

     60 hurdles: 8, Kaylee Stephen, 9.98; 17, Maria Recker, 10.44; 18, Macy McDonough, 10;46; 20, Shalay Bronemann, 10.64.

     4x200: 5, Monticello A (Gabby Guilford, Natalie Newhard, Savanah Kremer, Anna Loes), 1:56.32; 13, Monticello B (Leah Holub, Reese Cox, Meredith Melchert, Caitlyn Cruise), 2:01.99.

     1,500: 2, Jordyn Patterson, 5:40.66; 5, Rachel Larabee, 5:47.51; 15, Lizzie Petersen, 6:43.58.

     400: 3, Taylor McDonald, 1:04.34; 9, Tori McDonald, 1:09.87; 16, Olivia Kremer, 1:16.09.

     Distance medley: 1, Monticello (Kaylee Stephen, Maddie Lambert, Gabrielle Steiner, Emily Schlarmann), 4:40.56.

     800: 1, Paige Holub, 2:27.77; 8, Maddie Stadtmueller, 3:01.05; 10, Jaelyn Graver, 3:15.51.

     200: 3, Natalie Newhard, 29.76; 16, Maria Recker, 31.79; 19, Shalay Bronemann, 31.92.

     4x400: 2, Monticello A (Paige Holub, Jordyn Patterson, Gabrielle Steiner, Taylor McDonald), 4:22.58; 8, Monticello B (Rachel Larabee, Emily Schlarmann, Tori McDonald, Karli Recker), 4:47.82.


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