Sacred Heart’s Porter named ‘Teacher of the Month’

Doris Porter, the pre-K teacher at Sacred Heart Catholic School, was named the KDAT 104.5 Top Teacher of the Month. Porter was nominated by one of her student’s parents for going above and beyond her normal job as an educator. (Photo by Kim Brooks)
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     Sacred Heart Catholic School in Monticello has something to be proud of. One of their teachers was recently named 104.5 KDAT’s Top Teacher of the Month!

     Doris Porter, who has been teaching pre-kindergarten at Sacred Heart for 18 years, was recognized in late February.

     “Eric Stone (a radio personality on 104.5) called me on Thursday afternoon (Feb. 28),” shared Porter.

     While she didn’t recognize the number, something persuaded her to answer her cell phone that day.

     Porter then began receiving text messages and social media messages, sending her congratulations on the honor.

     “Everybody said they heard it on the radio,” she said.

     KDAT later posted their Top Teacher on their own Facebook page on March 1. Several people than began sharing the news.

     “I’m very modest,” admitted Porter of the recognition.

     She said she does not want to know who nominated her.

     “This leaves it at a level of sheer joy,” she said. “There’s no pinpointing anyone, and I can accept the award for what it is.”

     The KDAT nomination read: “Mrs. Porter always goes above and beyond the usual. She helps the children both at school and at home. She is always available to help or just to talk. She makes our entire family part of her family. I wish I could take her onto kindergarten with my child.”

     Along with the recognition, Porter received a $25 gift card from Half Price Books, as well as movie passes to Collins Road Theater.

     The day Porter received the great news was actually a rough day at school.

     “I was in disbelief at first,” she said.

     The great news definitely allowed her to end her day on a positive note.

     Porter has been teaching over all for 25 years. She started her teaching career at Aquin Catholic Elementary School in Cascade, the very school she attended as a youngster.

     “I was actually hired by the person who was my principal when I went there,” she said fondly.

     Porter has always taught pre-K, preferring the younger age. She thought she would teach second grade, but a student-teaching opportunity opened her eyes to pre-K.

     “I became enamored with the young kids,” she recalled.

     “I have always known what I wanted to do,” she said of becoming a teacher. “I always helped the younger kids when I was in school myself.”

     Porter said her students are a delight to be around, especially when they learn to do something for the first time like tie their shoes, zip their coat, or write their name.

     “I love the newness of it all,” Porter explained of the pre-K students enjoying school for the first time. “Those ‘a ha’ moments are pure joy.”

     First and foremost, Porter enjoys her job because of the kids.

     “My motto is either the kids will make you laugh or cry. I choose to laugh every day,” she said. “Anyone who works with little kids will understand.”

     As for going above and beyond for her students, Porter said if the families need help, she’s there for them, whether it’s purchasing winter clothing, or buying a new pair of shoes.

     “I always meet with the parents and do home visits. I make sure they have my cell phone number, and encourage them to text me with any questions,” she said.

     Porter said she’s there if the parents need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to lean on for support or guidance.



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