Sacred Heart School upgrades with paint, carpet, computers

Sixth-grade students work with their new Chromebook computers, which were among the upgrades – including new classroom carpeting and repainted walls – that took place at Sacred Heart School over the summer. Standing at left is sixth-grade teacher Kristen Schlueter. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Claire Hogan displays one of the new computers being used at Sacred Heart this school year.
Pete Temple
Express Associate Editor

     Upgrades at Sacred Heart School in Monticello have given the 58-year-old building a much newer feel.

     Over the summer, new carpet was installed in the upstairs classrooms, replacing carpet that was nearly 20 years old; those rooms have been painted, and the upstairs hall has been painted as well.

     In addition, Sacred Heart is now a 1-to-1 school, meaning each student now has access to his or her own Lenovo Touch Screen Chromebook computer and iPad.

     “Most of it came through grant money,” said Will Spencer, who is in his third school year as Sacred Heart principal.

     Visitors will likely notice the painted walls, and the smell and look of the new carpeting, first.

     “It’s really changed the look of the school,” Spencer said. “I think the kids appreciate it, and the teachers really appreciate it.

     “The classrooms were painted by Steve Intlekofer. He did some of the construction and he donated the painting.”

     Sacred Heart obtained grant funding from the McDonough Foundation in Dubuque for the carpeting, and the Dubuque Racing Association (DRA) for the computers. The carpeting was installed by Lambert’s Carpet & Draperies.

     “It just lightens and brightens the place up,” Spencer said.


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