Sanders supports Iowa’s farmers, small towns

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor, 

I am a 69-year-old grandfather of six, Vietnam War veteran, and board member of Iowa CCI Action Fund. I am not a farmer, but I support Iowa farmers and the work they do for our state and for our country. 

Bernie Sanders believes in farms and ranches, too. As president, Sanders will enact a moratorium on factory farms and push for legislation addressing climate change; protecting the environment; and supporting regenerative, sustainable, independent family farming practices. 

Our agricultural system has been co-opted by and for big money corporations, leaving our small towns and rural communities economically devastated and our land and water poisoned. Bernie Sanders knows that it will take a massive people’s movement to break Wall Street’s control of our food systems and bring economic opportunity back to our small towns. 

That’s why Sanders is the best choice for president: to help “us” win the big changes we need and rebuild the Iowa we want to see to make our state a “place to grow” for all Iowans – not just the select few.

Kenn Bowen

Iowa City, Iowa


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