Save the old Stone Bridge outside of Monticello

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     I just wanted to tell people about the experiences I had at the Stone Bridge we have in rural Monticello. Lots of memorable happenings have taken place by the bridge. I have lived right beside the bridge for 51 years, and enjoyed it so much. I have seen people carrying chairs, benches, and family objects for family, senior, and children’s pictures there by the bridge. Children love to fish and to “skip” rocks in that area too.

     We had many picnics at the old Stone Bridge. It is just such a pleasant, scenic and fun place to enjoy roasting hot dogs, marshmallows, and playing in the water.

     I remember a couple from town used to come out for a noon break from their business, stop by the bridge, enjoying the scenery, sometimes getting out of the car briefly, then going back to work. They did this a lot. Also, we had bird watchers in and around the area, spending many hours there.

     We had “hootenannies” in the evening also. One man played a guitar and they all sang songs. A scenic place to enjoy the peace and listen to water running under the bridge.

     Many of my children’s friends came out to enjoy the spot by the bridge. Naturally, someone always got wet!

     Everyone loves the bridge. Have you seen it? If not, take a drive west of Monticello; you’ll love the sight!

     Let’s save the Stone Bridge.

     Donations may be made to F&M Bank.

Mary Tschantz

Monticello, Iowa


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