Savor the Barn delights with home-raised pork products

Savor the Barn is known for their home-raised pork products. The Hunts offer a wide selection of various cuts and flavors such as brats, bacon, lions, hams, and so much more.

Savor the Barn has been in operation for seven years now. Owners Jerry and Lisa Hunt know what their customers want when it comes to pork products, wines, baked goods, gift items, etc. (Photos by Kim Brooks)
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     After seven years in business, Savor the Barn in Langworthy stays as busy as ever.

     “It’s gone fast,” remarked owner Jerry Hunt.

     Jerry and Lisa Hunt opened the Barn on Sept. 30, 2014. The idea was to offer their pork products and more to the public.

     “We’ve added a lot to the business since it first opened,” said Jerry.

     While their home-raised pork products continue to entice customers from near and far, the Barn also specializes in fresh garden produce the Hunts grow locally, as well as a wide selection of area wines, baked goods, cheeses, and giftware.

     “We’ve added six different vineyards,” said Jerry of their varieties of wine.

     The wine wasn’t introduced until a couple of years after Savor the Barn was open.

     “The addition of the pergola has allowed us to add events,” continued Jerry.

     Four years ago, the Hunts built and established a garden next to the barn for outdoor wine tastings, food tastings, live music, and more.

     “Although COVID put a damper on some of that,” Jerry remarked.

     They even have several groups who meet there from time to time for meetings, book clubs, birthday gatherings, and more.

     However, Savor the Barn is known of the many pork products available on a daily basis.

     Before they even opened the Barn, the Hunts raised about 6,000 pigs a year.

     “We phased out of that,” recalled Jerry as the business started to take off.

     At that point, they cut back to around 250 pigs.

     “We specifically raise some of those for the meat we sell here.”

     Jerry has been raising pigs for 41 years.

     “Thirty-four of those years were pretty aggressive,” he said.

     One thing that makes the Hunts’ pork products stand out, aside from being home raised, is that fact that their pigs are raised outside in open lots, not within a confinement.

     “It’s a little different product,” said Jerry.

     Their pigs are also antibiotic-free.

     So what can you find at Savor the Barn to curb your appetite for pork? Here’s a list:

     • Pork chops

     • Smoked chops

     • Tenderloins (unbreaded)

     • Pork sausage

     • Italian sausage

     • Ground pork

     • Breakfast links

     • Cocktail links

     • Brats (nine different flavors)

     • Bacon (four different types)

     • Pork sticks (various flavors)

     • Ham steaks

     • Holiday ham

     • Pork patties (three different types)

     • Pork loin roast

     Jerry indicated that their cottage bacon is a unique item that has become quite popular. For one, cottage bacon is round, which is the perfect for BLTs and bacon cheeseburgers.

     “It comes from the front shoulder versus the belly,” Jerry said.

     In terms of the Barn’s brat flavors, it depends on what the locker has to offer.

     The Hunts have their pigs butchered at Newhall Locker & Processing in Newhall, Iowa. They head south once a month and then return a couple of weeks later to pick up their pork order. (Newhall is a state-inspected locker, which is required if you plan to resell your meat products like Jerry and Lisa do at Savor the Barn.)

     “After seven years, we know what sells best here,” Jerry said of their popular pork items.

     With the brat flavors, one’s preference comes from trial and error, indicated Jerry.

     Another reason the Barn’s brats are one of their best-selling items is because the locker throws out the fillers.

     “We don’t use fillers in our meat. We put the prime cuts in our brats.”

     The Hunts’ pork products are also trimmed extra lean.

     “It’s through our selection of meat quality,” added Jerry.

     Savor the Barn is located at 17345 Langworthy Rd. outside Monticello.


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