Second annual Pool Pawty just around the corner

Hannah Gray
Express Intern

     What’s better than a pool party? A pool party that allows dogs! On Monday, Sept. 3, Monticello Parks and Recreation will be holding the second annual Pool Pawty, open to all dogs, following city ordinance.

     The Pool Pawty allows dogs to come and swim at the Monticello Aquatic Center for a fee of $5 per dog and free for owners. Owners are also encouraged to bring toys for their dogs to play with at the pool.

     “It’s kind of a tradition in a lot of cities to end their pool season with a dog swim because dogs aren’t traditionally allowed in public pools,” the new Parks in Recreation Superintendent Shannon Poe added.

     Because dogs have fur that can be difficult to filter, the dog swim is held at the end of summer right before the pool is drained.

     Parks and Recreation Director Jacob Oswald said once they found out the pool was able to handle the dog hair it was a no brainer to give the Pool Pawty a go.

     Dogs under 30 pounds are welcome to swim beginning at 5 p.m. and all other dogs are welcome from 6 to 7 p.m.

     Poe said they made this a new rule because those who owned small dogs were nervous about their pets being around larger dogs.             

     Last year Poe attended the Pool Pawty with her lab, just as a member of the community. The event drew in around 90 dogs with their owners, who were mostly adults, but kids also attended.

     “The people and the community just really enjoy taking their dogs for a swim, it’s just a lot of fun for everyone,” said Poe.

     Donations can also be made and will be given to Animal Welfare Friends Shelter. Instead of paying a fee, those who attend have the option of making an item donation, preferably with a minimum value of $5.

     Some needed items of the AWF are: paper towels, bleach, tide laundry pods, Purina dog and cat food, treats, and clumping cat litter.

     Poe added although she’ll be working at the concession stand, she will also enjoy watching the dogs play.

     “I just love watching the dogs. They have so much fun,” Poe shared.



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