Sen. Bowman to serve on ‘Empower Rural Iowa Initiative’

     State Senator Tod Bowman of Maquoketa will participate in the Empower Rural Iowa Initiative as a member of the Investing in Rural Iowa Task Force.

     “We’ve been coasting too long on the investments in rural infrastructure made by previous generations. In some places the problem is outdated water and sewage systems. In others, it may be lack of broadband access,” said Bowman. “The common challenge is to make smart investments that will help revitalize rural Iowa. That’s essential to helping our small businesses grow and maintaining the quality of life that attracts people to Iowa’s smaller communities.”

     The Investing in Rural Iowa Task Force will focus its recommendations on improving access to quality housing in rural Iowa. The Growing Rural Iowa Task Force will focus on identifying ways to encourage leadership development and strategic development in rural communities. The Connecting Rural Iowa Task Force will look into effectively and sustainably financing connectivity. 

     In September, there will be an Idea Summit for each of the three task forces. In addition to Investing in Rural Iowa task force, there will be task forces on Connecting Rural Iowa and on Growing Rural Iowa. Each summit will be open to all Iowans and will include time for public comment. Ideas can also be submitted at

     “I’m always looking for ideas to strengthen rural Iowa,” said Bowman. “If you have an idea you want to share, I’d love to hear it. You can call me on my cell, 563-370-2422 or e-mail me at”


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