Show and degree winners, officers are honored at FFA Fall Fest

The Monticello FFA Chapter held its annual Fall Fest Tuesday, Nov. 7 at the Citizens State Bank Youth Development Center. The top five overall finishers in the FFA Hay & Grain Show, from left: Breanna Adams, first place; Gavin Cooper, second; Kirklen Kiburz, third; Wade Picray, fourth; and Lindsey Adams, fifth. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Newly-installed officers of the Monticello FFA Chapter, first row from left: Marissa Recker, president; Gavin Cooper, Sentinel; John Welter, co-reporter; Colton Thies, co-vice president; and Caleb Hogan, co-vice president. Second row: Wade Picray, co-vice president; Reggie Welter, treasurer; Chloe Gray, co-reporter; and Adele Hogan, secretary.

Receiving their Chapter Degrees are, first row from left; Colton Thies, Kristen Roher, Rachel Nelson, ¬¬Adam Schmitt and Jaydon Ray. Second row: Reginald Welter, Dane Thomas, Travis Heinrich, Lydia Lange and Eli Beitz. Not pictured are Michael Blunt, Alex Britt, Ethan Boots, Anthony Flattem, Gabriell Gadient, Gage Jacobs, Chance Janssen, Jaelynn Kraus, Ethan Martensen, Ashlynn Sparks, Gabrielle Steiner and Gauge Streets.

Receiving Greenhand Degrees, first row from left: Lucas Price, Michael Russell, Kacie Rickels, Brooklyn Stark, Jayden Orcutt and Jasper Nietert. Second row: Caleb Gillmore, Adele Hogan, Bo Kramer, Kaden Kiburz and Ian Lorenzen. Third row: Lindsey Adams, Hannah Ahlrichs, Joselyn Brady, Karli Recker, DeLainy Fellinger and Emalee Manternach. Not pictured are Dylan Bowser, Jackson DeMean, Ethan Tallman, John James, Colin Jordan, Tyler McAtee, Jonathan Range, Haley Shady and Alaina Sunlin.

Recounting their trip to the Washington Leadership Conference are Marissa Recker (right) and Sophie Gray.

Advisor Eric Schmitt addresses the audience at the FFA Fall Fest Nov. 7.

     Hay and Grain Show winners were honored, the new chapter officer team was installed, and Chapter and Greenhand Degrees were presented during the Monticello FFA Chapter Fall Fest.

     The event, which included a meal catered by Sarah Kraus, Shirley Stadtmueller, and Nancy Miller and the Monticello High School Family Consumer Science Classes, was held Tuesday, Nov. 7 at the Citizens State Bank Youth Development Center in Monticello.

     Listed below are the Hay and Grain Show winners, officers and degree earners.




     1, Breanna Adams; 2, Gavin Cooper; 3, Kirklen Kiburz; 4, Wade Picray; 5, Lindsey Adams.



     President: Marissa Recker.

     Co-Vice Presidents: Caleb Hogan, Wade Picray and Colten Thies.

     Secretary: Adele Hogan.

     Treasurer: Reginald Welter.

     Co-Reporters: Chloe Gray and John Welter.

     Sentinel: Gavin Cooper.


     Elisha Beitz, Michael Blunt, Alex Britt, Ethan Boots, Anthony Flattem, Gabriell Gadient, Travis Heinrich, Gage Jacobs, Chance Janssen, Jaelynn Kraus, Lydia Lange, Ethan Martensen, Rachel Nelson, Jaydon Ray, Kristen Roher, Adam Schmitt, Ashlynn Sparks, Gabrielle Steiner, Gauge Streets, Colten Theis, Dane Thomas and Reginald Welter.


     Lindsey Adams, Hannah Ahlrichs, Dylan Bowser, Joselyn Brady, Karli Recker, Jackson DeMean, Ethan Tallman, DeLainy Fellinger, Caleb Gillmore, Adele Hogan, John James, Colin Jordan, Kaden Kiburz, Bo Kramer, Ian Lorenzen, Emalee Manternach, Tyler McAtee, Jasper Nietert, Jayden Orcutt, Lucas Price, Jonathan Range, Kacie Rickels, Michael Russell, Haley Shady, Brooklyn Stark and Alaina Sunlin.



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