Speech sends 31 to State

     District Individual Speech was held virtually on Saturday, Feb. 27. Monticello High School entered 35 events, and 31 events received a Division “I” rating and advanced onto state competition.

     The following events received a “I” rating at contest:

     Hannah Ahlrichs, Acting and Poetry.

     Harrison Ahlrichs, Review.

     Amelia Anderson, Lit Program and Prose.

     Kehde Campbell, Solo Musical Theater and Improv.

     Sully Flynn, Radio News.

     Ella Glawatz, Original Oratory.

     Grant Hospodarsky, Spontaneous Speaking and Improv.

     Mia Jaeger, Acting and Prose.

     Lauren Koehler, Lit Program and Storytelling.

     Becky Lang, After Dinner Speaking and Expository Address.

     Megan Mahoney, After Dinner Speaking and Review.

     Bella Mullen, Radio News.

     Delaney Peitz, Lit Program and Poetry.

     Mya Postel, After Dinner Speaking and Solo Musical Theater.

     Zach Reuter, Expository Address and Improv.

     Grahm Schneiter, Review.

     Maddie Stadtmueller, Original Oratory.

     Ian Temple, Radio News.

     Levi Temple, Solo Musical Theater and Spontaneous Speaking.

     The following events received a “II” rating.

     Harrison Ahlrichs, Storytelling.

     Angel Larsen, Public Address and Storytelling.

     Codie Luse, Prose.


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