Speed limit near Amber reverts back to 55 mph

Board of Supervisors
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     The Jones County Supervisors voted during their Oct. 20 board meeting to raise the speed limit to 55 mph on County Road E-23 west of Amber.

     County Engineer Derek Snead brought the issue to the board’s attention a few weeks ago. Snead said the 35-mph speed limit sign that was erected on E-23 was needed due to the increased traffic the Amber Hula Hoop Tree draw to the area. It was a safety issue. Now that the tree is no longer standing, Snead felt the speed limit could revert back to 55 mph.

     “Ultimately the goal of all traffic signs is uniformity,” explained Snead. He said that traffic signs are adequate for the existing conditions on a particular roadway and for enforcement.

     “Traffic ceased with the removal of the tree,” added Snead.

     The board previously asked Snead to provide crash history on E-23 near the intersection of Amber Road/County Road X-44. In the last five years, there was one reported crash through that particular corridor.

     “There have been lots of near misses,” added Supervisor Jon Zirkelbach, who has property in the area.

     Snead said there is not much data of reported crashes in the area in question.

     The board it only made sense to remove the 35 mph sign and revert back to 55 mph.

     “This is good crash history, even when the potential was there,” commented Supervisor Wayne Manternach.

In other county business:

     The board voted to continue to table any action regarding the Board of Health’s Sept. 29 COVID-19 face covering proclamation. The agenda item will be discussed at their Oct. 27 board meeting.

     • County Auditor Janine Sulzner reported that they have issued over 4,700 absentee ballots to voters in Jones County. Seventy-five percent have been returned so far.

     Sulzner also met with Emergency Management Coordinator Brenda Leonard and law enforcement to review scenarios that may arise during Election Day.

     • Snead reported that B&J Excavating, the contractor in charge of derecho debris removal across the county, was about 45 percent complete with the project.

     • A landowner on 230th Avenue near Martelle illegally placed two regulatory road signs in the right of way, including a speed limit sign on a Secondary Road.

     Snead sent a letter to the owner, requesting the signs be removed immediately.

     “You can’t do that on public roadways,” he said. “They are obstructions in the right of way.”

     • Leonard reported that FEMA denied her request to reimburse Emergency Management for the newspaper ads and employee time spent conducting damage assessments related to the Aug. 10 derecho. However, the seven tablets EMA purchased will be covered by FEMA.

     “Those tablets can be used again and again,” Leonard said.


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