State Auditor candidate hopes to remain non-partisan

Rob Sand
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     Recently, Rob Sand of Des Moines, the Democratic candidate running for Iowa State Auditor, stopped by the Express for an interview. This was Sand’s 99th stop in all 99 counties in Iowa since he launched his campaign in November 2017.

     “I want everyone to know I’ll be available to the people if I’m chosen to represent Iowa,” he said.

     Over the last decade, Sand spent his career as a chief public corruption prosecutor. He investigated scams and fraud cases in cities and small towns all over Iowa. Sand said he prosecuted people on both sides of the political spectrum. He said that’s an important piece.

     “This office is supposed to be non-partisan,” he said. “You need to put the public ahead of the occupation and party.”

     Sand said too many things are being swept under the rug in the State Auditor’s Office.

     “The office is out of balance,” he continued. Sand said the office should maintain two divisions: CPAs and investigators, and Iowa taxpayers are paying to keep 30 CPAs employed in the State Auditor’s Office in Des Moines.

     “This should be the number-one office on public corruption,” he said. “You need law enforcement in that office.”

     Before he started his campaign, Sand left the State Attorney General’s Office after eight years as an assistant attorney general. Two claims of fame included his investigation and prosecution of fraud related to Iowa’s film tax credit program, and the prosecution of the nationwide lottery-rigging scheme. He plans to use his investigative skills “to tell the truth about Iowa’s budget crisis and protect taxpayers…with his proven ability to stop waste and fraud.”

     “My opponent (Mary Mosiman), in contrast, refuses to investigate anything,” he said, also referencing the “truth about the privatization of Medicaid.

     “If I’m elected, I will subpoena the MCOs (Managed Care Organizations),” Sand said.

     He said his past has given him “a real window into the (state auditor’s) office.

     “It helps me to understand the office and that new leadership will serve the people better,” he said.

     Sand enjoyed his job in the Attorney General’s Office, saying it was important that he held people accountable for their wrongdoing.

     “You work hard to get the right result,” he said. “There was a sense of satisfaction.”

     Looking ahead should he be elected to office, Sand said one thing he would do as State Auditor is to make positive recommendations to cities and counties throughout the state concerning their audits.

     “By law you have to make efficiency recommendations,” he said of helping cities and counties following their audit reports.

     He said he wants to work more closely with cities and counties across the state “to provide the basic governmental services.

     “The State Auditor should partner with people to connect them with the right services,” added Sand.

     Sand is originally from Decorah, Iowa. He received his undergraduate degree from Brown University in politics. He earned his law degree from the University of Iowa.

     Of his priories once he’s in office, Sand offered:

     • To learn the truth about the privatization of Medicaid

     • Audit the corporate tax credit program.

     “Are they really providing jobs?” he asked. “Are they really going to help Iowa?”

     • Remain non-partisan.

     “That’s my over-arching vision,” he added. “To pursue the facts and truth, which leads to making a better decision.”

     For more information on Sand’s campaign, visit



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