State Board of Canvassers certifies Nov. 8 General Election

     Secretary of State Paul Pate announced the Iowa State Board of Canvassers officially certified the results of the 2022 General Election on Dec. 1. Election turnout was the second highest in state history for a midterm election, with 1,230,416 voters casting ballots.

   "I'm very proud of Iowans for stepping up in high numbers once again," Pate said. "My thanks to our county election officials and 10,000 poll workers across the state. We could not do this without them. They're on the frontline of our elections and step up to do a great service for our state and nation."

   There are two House races still conducting recounts and a third county needs to complete their canvass, so a special canvass for those races, in House Districts 59, 73, and 81, will be held after the recounts are completed.

   Below are some statistics from Iowa's 2022 General Election:

   • 55 percent of all registered voters participated in the election. Sixty-five percent of active registered voters participated. Iowa had 1,880,415 active registered voters on Nov. 8.

   • The last time Iowa's entire congressional delegation was represented by one political party was 1955, when all eight congressional districts and both U.S. Senators were Republicans. We have that again now with all four congressional districts and both U.S. Senators being Republicans.

   • 859,835 voters cast their ballots on Election Day. 370,581 voters cast absentee ballots.

   • Winneshiek County had the top turnout in the state with 64 percent of all registered voters casting ballots.

   • 18 counties surpassed 60 percent voter turnout.

   The State Board of Canvassers is comprised of Iowa's Governor, Secretary of State, Secretary of Agriculture, State Auditor, and State Treasurer.


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