State fair livestock ribbon winners listed

     Livestock ribbon winners during the recent Iowa State Fair have been announced. Following is a list of winners from Jones County.



Breeding Beef

     Angus: DeLainy Fellinger second in class, purple ribbon. Maine-Anjou: Kacie Rickels second in class, purple. Foundation Simmental: Gavin Cooper second in class, purple. Maintainer: Ryan Barner third in class, purple. Commercial Heifers: Davin Wickman purple. Chianina: Lydia Recker blue. Limousin: Sierra Lief blue. Shorthorn: Gavin Timm blue.

Market Beef

     Shorthorn: Gavin Timm first in class, purple; Zachary Tjaden blue. Charolais: Jamien Moore blue. Maine-Anjou: Lillian Stolte blue. Crossbred Steers I: Sophia Stolte Red. Crossbred Steers III: Ryan Barner third in class, blue; Austin Timm blue; Jamien Moore blue. Market Heifers: Gavin Cooper second in class, purple; Sierra Lief blue.

Beef Showmanship

     Jamien Moore purple; Lillian Stolte blue.



     Showmanship: Cole Nietert blue; Brooklyn Steiner blue; Gabrielle Steiner red. Pony Pleasure (English or Western): Cole Nietert blue. Ranch Horse Western Pleasure: Gabrielle Steiner red. Western Pleasure: Brooklyn Steiner blue. Barrel Racing: Cord Nietert blue. Flags: Cord Nietert red. Pole Bending: Cord Nietert red. Halter Mares: Gabrielle Steiner red. Halter Ponies: Cole Nietert purple. Western Horsemanship, Exhibitor Grade 6: Cole Nietert red. Western Horsemanship, Grade 11: Brooklyn Steiner red. Western Walk/Trot, Grade 9: Gabrielle Steiner blue. Western Walk/Trot, Grade 11: Brooklyn Steiner blue. Western Walk Trot, All Grades: Cole Nietert blue.



     Junior Winter Does: Jacob Sylvester blue; Elizabeth Riniker blue. Yearling Does: Elizabeth Riniker blue (x2). Senior Does: Elizabeth Riniker blue. Market Meat Goat: Lauren Sylvester blue (x2). Junior Showmanship: Jacob Sylvester blue. Intermediate Showmanship: Elizabeth Riniker blue; Lauren Sylvester blue.



     White Face/Cross Market Lambs: Jasper Nietert blue. Black Face Market Lambs: Karli Recker blue (x2); Jasper Nietert blue.



Breeding Swine

     Berkshire: Isaac Stensland blue (x2), Lincoln Stensland blue. Yorkshire: Lincoln Stensland third in class, blue; Connor Andresen blue. Lightweight Commercial Gilt: Lincoln Stensland purple, blue. Middleweight Commercial Gilt: Isaac Stensland first in class, purple. Heavyweight Commercial Gilt: Luke Rogers blue (x2), Lily Rogers blue; Molly Rogers blue (x3); Addy Rogers blue.

Market Swine

     Jessica Frasher reserve champion Lightweight Market Gilt.

     Berkshire: Lincoln Stensland blue. Yorkshire: Lincoln Stensland third in class, blue. Lightweight Crossbred Market Barrow: Jessica Frasher second in class, purple; Isaac Stensland blue; Lincoln Stensland purple. Middleweight Crossbred Market Barrow: Carson Andresen blue. Heavyweight Crossbred Market Barrow: Jessica Frasher purple; Lincoln Stensland blue.


     Junior: Molly Rogers blue; Lincoln Stensland blue; Isaac Stensland blue. Intermediate: Connor Andresen purple; Lily Rogers blue; Addy Rogers blue. Senior: Jessica Frasher blue.

     Next week: State Fair awards in Exhibits and Communication.                                                            


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