Statehouse News

Andy McKean
Iowa State Representative, 58th Dist.

Rural Revitalization 

I am proud to represent one of the most rural (and most beautiful) districts in the State of Iowa and believe that rural Iowa is the heart and soul of who we are as a state and a people. Working for efforts to support and revitalize our small communities has been one of my main priorities since returning to the legislature in 2017. As a member of the Local Government Committee and the Economic Development Appropriations Subcommittee, the following are some of the specific areas I will be giving my attention to: 

• Continuing progress in correcting the inequity in transportation funding for our rural school districts. 

• $2 million increase for the Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program to expand access and increase demand for our homegrown renewable fuels. 

• Modernize renewable fuel programs to support the sale of E15 and higher blends year round. 

• Continue the small cities set-aside for the Workforce Housing Tax Credit Program. 

• Increased support for Great Places, Iowa Main Street, and the Community Catalyst grant program designed to revitalize downtowns. 

• Expansion of DNR’s Derelict Buildings Program. 

• Expand DOT’s RISE Grant authority to support rural housing projects. 

• Optimize the existing Broadband Grant Program. 

• Increase the state match for broadband projects with higher levels of speed and service. 

• Continue to improve and update broadband connectivity maps. 

• Continue support for the Rural Innovation Grants created during the last legislative session. 

I was very pleased to recently be named to serve on Governor Reynolds’ Empower Rural Iowa task force. This will provide me with another forum in which to work for the best interests of Jones, Jackson, and rural Dubuque County and all of rural Iowa. 

Providing Iowans with Accessible and Affordable Healthcare 

Iowa’s health care system continues to be in crisis as the number of Iowans without health insurance increases, Medicaid privatization problems continue, and the cost of insurance premiums and prescription drugs continue to rise. 

Over 100 health care facilities and providers have been closed over the last decade, many in rural areas. While the state has recently reformed our mental health system, too many Iowans who need mental health services still can’t get them. 

After listening to constituents last summer and fall, I will be working this session to ensure access to quality, affordable health care for Iowans, especially those with pre-existing conditions. Other bills I will be working on this year include expanding mental health services for kids and adults; lowering the cost of prescription drugs; and encouraging more Iowans to become first responders in rural communities so families can get help in an emergency. 


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