Strategic Operating Plan is unveiled by Jaeger

School Board
Pete Temple
Express Associate Editor

Superintendent Brian Jaeger unveiled the Monticello Community School District’s updated Strategic Operating Plan (SOP) during a work session of the Monticello School Board Jan. 8. 

The SOP is the result of meetings involving the school board, the administrative team, the School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC), a parent dialogue committee, a teacher dialogue committee, the student council, and survey research. 

“This is collectively the voice of the stakeholders in our district,” Jaeger said. 

It is a five-year plan, whereas the previous one covered three years. Many of the items are annual, some will begin in two or three years, and some will be completed right away. 

The plan is divided into four strategies: School Facilities, Communication, Teaching and Learning, and School Environment/School Climate. 

In the School Facilities category, one of the big upcoming topics is exploring options and making decisions regarding the current middle school building, once the new middle school is completed. That will be a significant one over the next 18 months, Jaeger said. 

Others in that category involve the transportation building, exploring ways to increase safety, and completing the softball field projects at the West Diamond and Shannon Elementary. 

Jaeger also spoke on the Communications strategy. Along with website and social media improvements, the board will also be discussing options to improve the “student voice” within the district, through a student panel, an elected advisor to attend school board meetings, and more. 

District curriculum director Robyn Ponder spoke about the Teaching and Learning category. The plan has several facets through the subcategories of curriculum, instruction and assessment, instructional practices, learning supports, gifted and talented, special education, English language learners, the preschool program, and the mentoring and induction program. 

Some, such as continuous formative assessments, are annual plans. Others, such as developing a data collection and program evaluation tool for the district at-risk programs, are for down the road. 

For School Environment/ School Climate, the district plans to improve student and family access to mental health services, look at how bullying is addressed in each building, exploring ways for students to feel connected to the school, and others. 


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