Strittmatter shares about history of quilts

Anne Strittmatter of Monticello presented a program at the Monticello Heritage Center on Feb. 16 dedicated to the history and heritage of quilts. Strittmatter has had several of her own quilts on display at the Heritage Center since the beginning of February. (Photos courtesy of the Monticello Heritage Center)

Anne Strittmatter and her sister-in-law Elllen Strittmatter hold up one of her brightly colored quilts during a presentation at the Heritage Center. Strittmatter encourages people to document the history of their own quilts.

     The Monticello Heritage and Cultural Center hosted over 30 guests on Feb. 16 to listen to an informative talk on construction of quilts, their heritage, and care presented by Anne Strittmatter.

     Using her vast personal collection of quilts, Strittmatter shared stories and techniques of their construction.

     “All quilts have a story,” she said.

     Strittmatter encouraged the crowd to document the heritage of their personal quilts for future generations. Many of Strittmatter’s quilts have a personal narrative from her mother or from local past members of Monticello society including Mary Locher and Lillian Strittmatter.

     If you have family quilts, Strittmatter encourages you to display them on beds, refold them so creasing does not occur, and wash them carefully in the washing machine on the gentle cycle, avoiding pulling them from the machine. Pulling them can ruin the stitching.

     Concluding the presentation, Strittmatter encouraged the audience to share stories of their personal quilts. Many members of the audience discussed their historic quilts.

     The Heritage Center’s quilt display will be concluded March 1, with quilts returned to their owners.

     The Heritage Center is open Tuesday evenings 6 to 8 p.m., and Sunday 1 to 5 p.m. Do not miss this interesting and colorful display.


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