Strong week of GJCF sports; Yates wins

Doug Yates of Monticello (right) celebrates with his wife Carrie and son Zach after Doug’s victory in the AIRS feature race during Great Jones County Fair auto racing July 23. (Photos by Pete Temple)

The Royal Queen, driven by Adam Hauser (1) trots alongside Faithfulfilly, with Chad Svendsen, during Thursday’s harness racing program. Hauser drove five winners in the nine races.
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

   Strong auto racing, harness racing and tractor pull events helped make the Great Jones County Fair successful from a sports standpoint last week.

   Locally, the highlight was a victory for Monticello’s Doug Yates in the American Iron Racing Series (AIRS) feature race during Saturday’s Mid-Summer Dirt Classic auto racing event.

   Another notable achievement came from the July 21 harness racing program, in which driver Adam Hauser won five of the day’s nine races.

   Rainstorms during the week were of the overnight variety, so all of the scheduled events were able to be held.

   Here is a rundown of the GJCF results for 2022.


ECIPA tractor pull

   Vorwald was a prominent name during the East Central Iowa Pullers Association (ECIPA) tractor pull July 19 at the fair.

   Justin Vorwald and Andrew Vorwald finished first and second in the 7,700-pound 360 Hot Stock Tractor division, and Tim Vorwald was second in the 9,500-pound Hot Farm Tractors division. All are from Scotch Grove.

   Results follow.



     9,500-pound 4.1 Limited Pro Stock: 1, Brian Miller, Marengo, 336.44 feet; 2, Chris Leer, Readstown, Wis., 335.08; 3, Steve Bousema, Worthington, Minn., 332.95.

     6,200-pound Super Modified Two-Wheel-Drive Trucks: 1, Lynn Stumme, Waverly, 317.36; 2, Dale Timmerman, Dickeyville, Wis., 315.13; Dean Stumme, New Hampson, 293.42.

     9,500-pound Hot Farm Tractors: 1, Brian Steffen, Zwingle, 332.04; 2, Tim Vorwald, Scotch Grove, 330.12; 3, Ron Ament, Farley, 319.79.

     9,300-pound Super Farm Tractors: 1, Ryan Jensen, Osage, 327.03; 2, Dan Schulte, Manchester, 324.09; 3, Andy Schuldt, Readlyn, 316.86.

     7,700-pound 360 Hot Stock Tractors: 1, Justin Vorwald, Scotch Grove, 334.72; 2, Andrew Vorwald, Scotch Grove, 333.20; 3, Peyton Rupp, Center Junction, 325.86.

     11K/12K 2 Hot 2 Farm Tractos: 1, Steve Spalla, Ridgeway, 335.33; 2, Jeremy Reuter, Potosi, Wis., 327.89; 3, Austin Miller, Walker, 325.66.

     6,200-pound Super Stock 4x4 Trucks: 1, Staci Hahesy, Manchester, 341.15; 2, D.J. Sullivan, Manchester, 339.94; 3, Nick Kelley, Strawberry Point, 334.92.


NTPA tractor pull

   A total of 44 entries competed in six classes during the National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA) National Summer Slide regional event July 20 at the fairgrounds.

   Results follow.



     6,200-pound Modified Four-Wheel-Drive Trucks: 1, David O’Connor, 339.235 feet; 2, Julie Haekenkamp, 336.780; 3, Jamie Busch, 336.200.

     8,000-pound Heavy Super Stock Tractors: 1, Ken Rachner, 338.915 feet.

     9,500-pound Limited Pro Stock Tractors: 1, Matthew Lindstrom, 350.895; 2, Mike Bousema, 350.555; 3, Kevin Lindstrom, 342.898.

     7,500-pound Modified Tractors: 1, Doug Christensen, 319.530; 2, Adam Revier, 315.535.

     9,300-pound Super Farm Tractors: 1, Steve Yaggy, 314.445; 2, Jeff Larson, 313.060; 3, Dan Schulte, 310.930.

     6,200-pound Modified Two-Wheel-Drive Trucks: 1, Chad Haggerty, 335.590; 2, A.J. Riedl, 324.410; 3, Kurt Timmerman, 323.690.


Harness racing

   Adam Hauser won five of the nine races, including the first three, during the GJCF harness racing program July 21.

   The event was held for the second year in a row, after having been cancelled for a variety of reasons in each of the previous five straight years.

   Results follow, including horse’s name, driver’s name, and winning time for each race.



     Race 1 – 1, The Royal Queen, Adam Hauser, 2:03.4; 2, King Rail, Cary Sturtz; 3, Faithfulfilly, Chad Svendsen.

     Race 2 – 1, Red N Hotallover, Adam Hauser, 1:59.2; 2, Ruby Rose, Frank Chitwood; 3, Rockme Socks Off, Paul Hochstedler.

     Race 3 – 1, I’m Another Wilson, Adam Hauser, 2:04.0; 2, Sparkplug Sparky, Royal Roland; 3, Patchinswan Gonspi, Chad Svendsen.

     Race 4 – 1, Pink Moonshine, Scott Smith, 2:02.3; 2, Juxta Millionaire, Chad Svendsen; 3, Juneparker, Royal Roland.

     Race 5 – 1, Conway’s Pipsqueak, Adam Hauser, 2:14.3; 2, Omaha Storm Chaser, Royal Roland; 3, Top Batten Avg, Chad Svendsen.

     Race 6 – 1, Beach Bum Harley, Heidi Saner, 2:04.3; 2, Anitas Red Rebel, Paul Hochstedler; 3, Boss Vios, Scott Smith.

     Race 7 – 1, Merly, Adam Hauser, 2:09.3; 2, Spector’s Springer, Cary Sturtz; 3, Midnight Celebrity, Heidi Saner.

     Race 8 – 1, May B Sneaky, Scott  Smith, 2:03.3; 2, Opals Lil Garnet, Frank Chitwood; 3, Jonisaidso, Adam Hauser.

     Race 9 – 1, Sir Swan, Royal Roland, 2:11.3; 2, Fuzzyduck Go N Spi, Paul Hochstedler; 3, Hocho Pretty Lady, Adam Hauser.


Auto racing

   Doug Yates powered to victory in the AIRS feature during the July 23 Mid-Summer Dirt Classic auto racing program.

   Other feature winners included Mark Schulte of Delhi in the Modified feature, Nathan Ballard of Marengo in the Stock Car feature, and Austin Honts of Muscatine in the Jalopy feature.

   Results follow.



     Modifieds: 1, Mark Schulte; 2, Troy Cordes,; 3, Mitch Morris; 4, Ryan DeShaw; 5, Jerry King.

     Stock Cars: 1, Nathan Ballard; 2, Johnny Spaw; 3, Dustin Vis; 4, Braxton Franks; 5, Doug Yates.

     AIRS: 1, Doug Yates; 2, John Fish; 3, Bart Miller; 4, Dennis Etten; 5, Robin Atkins.

     Jalopy: 1, Austin Honts; 2, Jeff Blunt; 3, Tanner Gerard; 4, Tim Bader; 5, Mark Merfeld.



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