Student of the month: Autry Fasnacht

MHS sophomore Autry Fasnacht is pictured here with Grace Gadient during the production of “Beauty and the Beast.” (Express file photo)
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     Each month, Monticello High School nominates a student who exhibits positive behavior, as part of an initiative called PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports). The students support the school’s characteristics of Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Safety, and Integrity.

     Sophomore Autry Fasnacht was just doing what all students should do, helping others. This act of kindness got him nominated for Student of the Month for February.

     According to MHS English Teacher Rebecca DeWitte, Fasnacht has been nominated several times in the past.

     “He is a caring and respectful student who regularly thinks of others before himself,” shared DeWitte. “He stays on top of his school work and volunteers his time at Camp Courageous. He has also show great leadership skills in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) class. He has stepped up and shown his classmates how to perform certain tasks, and he motivates other students to succeed. He is an all-around good student and kind person.”

     All that definitely deserves some recognition!

     Fasnacht said he found out about his nomination from his business teacher, Amanda Cook.

     “I’m excited and happy,” he said of the honor.

     Fasnacht said he just simply tries to follow the expectations of being responsible, respectful, safe, caring, and someone with integrity.

     When his fellow classmates look as though they need help, Fasnacht said he steps in to offer assistance, whether it is on a math problem or any class for that matter.

     “I just help people,” he said plain and simple. “I never say anything mean to others.”

     Despite the fact that Fasnacht’s dad works at Camp Courageous, he said he would be a volunteer at Camp no matter what. Fasnacht’s interest in being a volunteer camp counselor started last summer.

     “It’s just something I really wanted to do since I was young,” he said. Another example of Fasnacht helping others in need.

     Of showing leadership in his STEM class, Fasnacht said he likes the class because it teaches the students the skills needed to one day own their own business.

     “It’s all about marketing and money management,” he said.

     With less than a dozen high school students in the class, Fasnacht said he helps show his classmates along if needed.

     Fasnacht, whose favorite subject is English, said he likes school, seeing his friends every day, and trying his best.

     “Classes are a lot harder than in middle school,” he said.

     In his English class, Fasnacht said they are working on research papers about a topic of their choosing. Fasnacht chose to write a history paper on the movie “The Wizard of Oz.”

     “It’s one of my favorite movies,” he shared. “I thought it would be a really cool subject to offer more detail about.”

     Fasnacht is also really involved in extra circular activities in high school: choir, group and individual speech, drama, BPA (Business Professionals of America), and SODA (Students Opposed to Drugs and Alcohol).

     Fasnacht is the son of Stephen and Jen Fasnacht of Monticello.


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