Student of the month: Bob Bechthold

MHS freshman Bob Bechthold was named Student of the Month for February. Bechthold was nominated for welcoming new students, something he said he does because he’s a nice guy. (Photo by Kim Brooks)
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     Each month, Monticello High School nominates a student who exhibits positive behavior, as part of an initiative called PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports). The students support the school’s characteristics of Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Safety, and Integrity.

     “I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.”

     MHS freshman Bob Bechthold was named Student of the Month for February for simply being a nice guy. Bechthold was nominated by MHS Associate Sarah Domer-Sleep who observed Bechthold going out of his way to welcome several new students.

     “Bob has made new students feel welcome by sitting with them at lunch, by showing them to classes, and just overall being nice,” stated Domer-Sleep.

     Bechthold said he found out he was named student of the month when checking his school email before his W.I.N. time. He said he saw the subject matter and thought it was a pretty important email to open up and read.

     “That sounds like me,” he said.

     Bechthold said he was shocked to hear he was nominated, but that it “feels great.”

     Being nice to his fellow students isn’t something Bechthold goes out of his way to do. It just comes natural to him.

     “I’m just going to keep acting like I normally do,” he said. “I’m just always a nice guy. I want these students to feel welcome here and know that it’s a good place.”

     Bechthold said when he sees students he hasn’t seen before, he greets then and invites them to his lunch table.

     “I’ve always been told to just be myself,” he said of wise advice.

     Bechthold said he sees Domer-Sleep in the hallways between classes and during lunch and always says “hi” to her as well.

     As a freshman, Bechthold hasn’t gotten involved in extra curricular activities yet, but has his mind set of trying out for soccer.

     “I just like hanging out with my friends right now,” he said.

     Compared to middle school, Bechthold feels that high school offers a huge change. He said while everyone attended middle school together at one time, it’s fun to get reacquainted with students after not seeing them for a few years.

     “You meet new friends,” he said.

     Right now, Bechthold’s favorite subject is math.

     “It’s the easiest subject for me,” he said.

     Science and English are subjects Bechthold’s not too fond of, but said that might change as he goes through high school.

     “All of the teachers here are nice,” he said, despite the lack of interest in some subjects. “I mean no offense.”

     In his spare time, Bechthold enjoys spending time outdoors with his animals at home and playing basketball with his friends. He also likes to play computer games.

     Bechthold is the son of Mike Bechthold and Ben and Jessica Walker.



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