Student of the month: Karle Kramer

MHS senior Karle Kramer was named Student of the Month for September. She was nominated for the positive behavior she exhibited toward her fellow students when auditioning for the upcoming musical. Kramer said many students are deserving of the same honor. (Express file photo)
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     Each month, Monticello High School nominates a student who exhibits positive behavior, as part of an initiative called PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports). The students support the school’s characteristics of Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Safety, and Integrity.

      With the lead in the upcoming MHS production, “Legally Blonde: The Musical,” MHS senior Karle Kramer has been busy memorizing lines and musical numbers. But she also dedicates time and compassion toward her fellow peers, which led to her being named MHS Student of the Month for September.

     Kramer was nominated by Kelli Osterkamp, MHS English teacher and director of the school’s productions. She was nominated due to her kindness and leadership she showed during auditions.

     “Karle expressed support for her peers and worked with others to ensure their success,” the school noted.

     Kramer said she honestly had no idea she was even nominated until a fellow student congratulated her in the hallway. She asked why she was being congratulated and the student informed Kramer she was named Student of the Month. Shortly afterwards, the news was also shared over the day’s announcements.

     “I was speechless,” recalled Kramer. “It means a lot, and I’m really honored.”

     Aside from the musical, Kramer was also in Osterkamp’s class for Comp. I and II.

     “I always gave it my best in her class,” she said of her studiousness.

     Kramer said she’s the type of student who works hard and makes it a point to be nice to all students.

     “I don’t do this to be recognized. I do it to help others.”

     In terms of the kindness and leadership Kramer exhibited, when asked by her peers what the audition process would entail for the musical, she filled them in on what to expect.

     “I wanted to make others feel comfortable,” she said of those who never auditioned before.

     She also sat with another student who was auditioning, talked the student down due to anxiety about singing during auditions.

     “I told them about my first time auditioning,” she said. “It was the best thing I ever did. It made me more comfortable in certain situations.”

     When students audition for the MHS productions, they don’t audition for a particular role. That decision is made by the staff involved following auditions.

     Kramer was in the middle of a cross country meet when another runner informed her that she was given the lead in the musical.

     “I was warming up with the team and someone came over to congratulate me,” she recalled. “I literally screamed.”

     Kramer said this role, that of Elle Woods, is perfect for her because both ladies are energetic.

     “I try to put myself in her (Woods’) situation and it makes (the acting) process easier,” explained Kramer.

     She’s also been listening to the musical soundtrack and singing along to memorize the songs.

     “I go over my lines every night before bed,” she added.

     While Kramer has seen the movie “Legally Blonde,” she has not seen the musical version, wanting to add her own style to the MHS show.

     Kramer enjoys school because she’s able to be around her friends and classmates. She also gets a sense of achievement from her class work and involvement in athletics and music.

     “I work hard to be the best I can in sports and in class,” she said.

     Her favorite subject is science because she likes learning how things work in nature and biology. Her least favorite subject is English.

     “I struggle with reading comprehension, and it takes me a while to write essays,” admitted Kramer, “because I want it to be the best it can. I just spend a lot of time thinking about it.”

     During the summers, Kramer works as a lifeguard at the Monticello pool. During the school year, she stays pretty busy with cross country, track, bowling, band, marching band, jazz band, speech, drama, National Honor Society, and wrestling manager.

     In whatever spare time she has, Kramer likes to play the piano, go swimming, and ski and snowboard in the winter.

     In sharing her thoughts on being named Student of the Month, Kramer said it’s hard for her to talk about herself, despite knowing how well-deserved this honor is.

     “Part of being a good student is being successful in class and doing your best,” she said. “I make sure everyone feels special. I smile to others in the hallways and try to make them laugh.

     “I see a lot of my classmates also doing these same types of things. If they’re not maybe the best in class, they should still be recognized for the good things they’re doing for their peers.”

     Kramer is the daughter of Doug and Jolene Kramer of Monticello.


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