Student of the Month: Kenzie Peterson

Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     Each month, Monticello High School nominates a student who exhibits positive behavior, as part of an initiative called PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports). The students support the school’s characteristics of Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Safety, and Integrity.

     After helping a new student make friends, Monticello High School sophomore Kenzie Peterson will soon know what it means to be a new student herself.

     Before the start of the new semester in January, Peterson’s family will be moving.

     According to MHA English Teacher Rebecca DeWitte, Peterson was nominated for Student of the Month because she “approached a new student and introduced herself, and then invited the student to have lunch with her and her friends.”

     Peterson said the new student was a freshman.

     “I just walked up and told her my name,” she said. “I invited her to sit with us at lunch and we instantly became friends. She’s a nice friend to have.”

     Peterson said it no doubt meant a lot to the new student that someone was willing to reach out to her.

     “She said at her old school, she had friends like us,” added Peterson.

     Being named Student of the Month for December means a lot to Peterson, especially as she prepares to leave MHS.

     “It makes me feel important,” she said.

     Peterson said she’ll miss seeing her friends every day when she starts a new, larger school in January, “but I’m the type of person who can go up to others and just introduce myself.”

     She said she doesn’t anticipate having trouble making new friends.

     As for her time at MHS, Peterson said she’d also miss her classes and teachers, especially math.

     “I like learning about new methods for solving in math,” she said.

     In her two years in high school here, Peterson has also been involved in soccer, volleyball, choir and a play during her freshman year.

     Her least favorite subject: history. Peterson admitted that she is not a fan of the tests in that particular class.

     Compared to middle school, Peterson said students have freedoms in high school. She said it’s not as hard as some make it out to be.

     Peterson lives in Monticello. Her parents are Drew and Angie Peterson.


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