Student of the month: Maddie Stadtmueller

MHS junior Maddie Stadtmueller was named the Student of the Month for January. She was selected because she works hard and honors her commitments. Stadtmueller stays busy in cross country, drama, speech, band, and student council. (Express file photo)
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

Each month, Monticello High School nominates a student who exhibits positive behavior, as part of an initiative called PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports). The students support the school’s characteristics of Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Safety, and Integrity. 

“It feels really good because I see myself as someone who goes out of their way to be nice to others. It’s nice to know other people notice.” 

Those words were expressed by MHS junior Maddie Stadtmueller who was named Student of the Month for January. Stadtmueller was nominated by teacher Tanya Manternach, who teaches science and physics. 

“Maddie is always polite and hardworking. Never disruptive. Model of integrity,” noted Manternach. 

Rebecca DeWitte, MHS English teacher and speech coach added, “She gives her all to everything she does and honors her commitments.” 

Stadtmueller said she found out about the honor from a text message from someone from her church. 

“I was surprised,” she said. 

Following that text, several people brought it up to her at school, too. 

Stadtmueller had Mrs. Manternach as a sophomore, so she was shocked that she even nominated her this year. 

Stadtmueller said she works hard in school by getting all of her work done in class and on time. 

“I get it done to the best of my ability, and I care a lot about school,” she said. “I listen to my teachers and respect them.” 

She honors her commitments, as DeWitte noted, by staying organized, whether it’s in the classroom or with sports or music. 

“I plan for what I have to do, write down all of my assignments in my planner,” she shared. 

Stadtmueller said she enjoys school because it gives her the opportunity to learn new things and to challenge herself by taking harder classes. Her favorite subject is math because of the challenge. 

“It feels good when I’m able to solve an equation,” she said. 

For Stadtmueller, there isn’t one particular subject that she’s not a fan of. 

“I like all of my classes in different ways,” she said. 

Stadtmueller stays busy with her involvement in drama, speech, band, cross country and track. She is also the junior class president on the student council, having been elected by her classmates. Stadtmueller said there were two students up for the nomination, which meant they each had to give a speech to the voters. She talked about her qualifications and the fact that she is a good leader. 

During her summers, Stadtmueller works as a lifeguard at the Monticello Aquatic Center. 

“I stay busy with everything else,” she said of her school year schedule. 

With one more year of high school, Stadtmueller is already looking ahead to the future. She wants to be pre-med and work toward becoming an orthopedic surgeon. 

“I went to one (an ortho surgeon) for eight years because of my scoliosis,” said Stadtmueller. “I had to wear a back brace for seven years.” 

Stadtmueller received her first brace when she was in fourth grade. 

Her personal experience is what is leading her toward a future in medicine. 

Stadtmueller is the daughter of Amie and Darren Stadtmueller of Monticello. 


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