Students collect food pantry items for chance to buzz teacher’s head

Monticello elementary vocal music director Nick Thumma challenged his students to have their families bring Food Pantry items to their concert Nov. 29. The class with the highest point total got to buzz Thumma’s hair Dec. 5. Six randomly chosen second graders, including Jon Loney (above), took turns as Carpenter students chanted, “Make him bald!” (Photos by Pete Temple)

Vocal director Nick Thumma’s new look, after second-graders (with help from a few teachers) finished shaving his head.

     As six second-graders took turns shaving the head of Monticello elementary vocal music director Nick Thumma, a chant went up from the full complement of Carpenter Elementary School students in attendance Monday, Dec. 5.

     “Make him bald!” they repeated, several times.

     Thumma wasn’t quite bald at the end of the event, but he did live up to his promise to students who participated in the Carpenter Elementary Fine Arts Night Nov. 29.

     Thumma challenge his students to have their families bring items for the Monticello Food Pantry, to the concert. Items were collected by grade levels, and each was assigned a certain number of points. Food items were worth one point, toiletries were worth two, and laundry detergent counted as five.

     The winning grade would then get the opportunity to buzz Thumma’s head. The second-graders won the challenge by earning nearly 500 points worth of items.

     Lining up to cut Thumma’s hair on Monday were six second-graders who were chosen at random. They included Jon Loney, Peyton Ries, Ethan Tran, Meghan Besler, Karley Tobiason and Carter Holub. Third-grade teacher Amanda Stoll then stepped up to finish the job.

     In all, the Carpenter students collected enough food pantry items to fill an SUV and a truck.


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