Superintendent urges caution with spring break travels

Staff report

     Monticello Schools Superintendent reflected on a year of COVID-19 in his recent weekly update, released on Friday, March 12.

     “One year ago, COVID came into our lives and it has become the guest that wouldn’t leave,” he said. “I am ready for it to be gone; I am ready to move forward; I am ready to make it to Disneyland, but patience will get us there safely.”

     More people are getting vaccinated. More places and events are opening up, little by little. And the spring weather allows everyone to spend time outdoors.

     “I am asking you to be patient over the break but to remember to be safe over Spring Break,” urged Jaeger. “I know many of you are going places over break, but remember to be cautious wherever you go, because we do not want to slow our roll forward in the Monticello community.”

     Jones County Public Health shared with Jaeger that the county’s 14-day positivity rate sits at 3.7 percent; 1.2 percent in Monticello. There have been two positive cases of COVID reported in the last seven days.

     The Monticello Community School District has 18 students and one staff member in isolation. One student and two staff members are under quarantine. That’s 2 percent of the student body and less than 1 percent of the total staff out for COVID-19-related reasons.

     “Those numbers are still very good!” praised Jaeger.

     There are 94 PreK-12 students still taking part in hybrid or full-online learning; approximately 9 percent of the student population.

     “The number of online learners has dropped again this week,” said Jaeger.


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