Survey seeks public opinion on downtown Monticello

Express Editorial

What do you envision for downtown Monticello? What is our downtown’s greatest strength? What would you change about Monticello? What could improve the climate of our downtown? What new businesses would you want to see here? What public amenities do you feel are needed in Monticello? 

You can answer all of these questions and more by contributing to a survey to help formulate the future of downtown Monticello. 

After the city was unsuccessful in its first attempt at obtaining the Main Street Iowa Community designation, the city, Jones County Economic Development, and Hometown Pride are working together to continue to invigorate Monticello’s business and downtown district. 

Recently representatives for these groups met with a representative from Main Street Iowa. We learned a lot about what our city could work on to be successful in applying again in two years. We also heard the positives about our community and downtown, despite some local perception that our downtown is dying. 

The Main Street Iowa state officials were very impressed with our community. The Iowa Downtown Resource Center is sending multiple representatives here at the end of October to meet with business owners, city officials and hold a public input session to get your thoughts and opinions. You are encouraged to attend. 

We have a lot to be proud of here. And there are steps that can be taken to add even more to our community. 

You are also encouraged to fill out this survey. Visit to offer your input about Monticello. 

All residents and business owners of Monticello are asked to offer their input, whether you’re in the downtown district or not. You do not have to live or work in Monticello to take part in the survey. Those who have visited Monticello or spent time here are also encouraged to share their input. 

The survey will remain open until Oct. 22. Help make Monticello the city we are and continue to be proud of! (K.N.B.)


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