Sycamore Street project needed to improve infrastructure

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     I’ve lived in Monticello going on five years. As with any community it isn’t perfect, more a work in progress. Many of the folks who live here find it necessary to complain incessantly about Monticello, in spite of those trying to improve it. If those who complain would stop grousing among themselves and start telling people who can do something about what they think, they might come away with a different opinion.

     Sycamore Street is a fine example. You build a street to last; you don’t want holes being cut into it. That is as simple as it gets. In order to keep utilities out from under the street, it has to go in the parking. That means the trees in the parking are going to go. In the past they spent good money attempting to save trees and it does not work. If you are a complainer this is perfect, you can complain about the loss of the trees. But if they saved the trees and allowed new construction to cut holes in the new street making it rough, you can complain about that! You have to choose what you can live with.

     There is no street drainage along Sycamore Street and currently this is very apparent. The water and sewer needs to be replaced and the current street is a mess. This is an expensive undertaking, but when it is done, the improvements will be appreciated. The loss of the trees is regrettable; when the streets were laid out, if they had done things differently this wouldn’t have been a problem. You can’t change that; you have to work with those limitations to try and get lots of use out of a street that has good drainage and new utilities.

     All Monticello tax payers are helping to pay for this, so try and enjoy your new street!

Steve Hanken

Monticello, Iowa



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