Temple wins KCRG’s Student of the Month

Levi Temple, a MHS junior, was named KCRG’s Student of the Month for February. Temple was nominated by his youth bowling league coach, Tony Mondl. Temple said the whole experience has taken him by surprise. (Express file photo)
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     Thanks to so much community support and online voting, Levi Temple of Monticello was named the KCRG-TV9’s Student of the Month for February.

     The Monticello High School junior was nominated by his youth league bowling coach, Tony Mondl. This is Temple’s fourth year in the youth league; he started when he was in eighth grade. Now, Temple not only continues to play in the youth league every Saturday morning, but is on the MHS varsity bowling team as well.

     “There’s no competition; it’s all for fun,” Temple said of the youth league.

     Temple found out that Mondl nominated him before a recent game.

     “Tony always gives announcements beforehand and he told us that he nominated me,” recalled Temple. “It just came out of nowhere.”

     A couple of weeks ago, KCRG released the three students who were up for the honor, and the voting got underway.

     “A lot of people congratulated me about just being nominated. So many came up to me said they voted for me,” Temple said, noting that the nomination itself was enough of an honor. “I just didn’t know what to think. I didn’t know Tony thought so highly of me.”

     In the middle of the week last week, Temple and his family received the good news, that he had won Student of the Month.

     “I got up for the day to get ready for school and jazz band and my mom congratulated me,” he said. “That was a nice way to start the day.”

     Because the Temple family, and the rest of the curious public, had not heard who won, Temple said he was under the impression the honor went to someone else.

     “It was just nice to get recognized,” he said. “It’s humbling.”

     KCRG plans to interview Temple later this month to broadcast his win.

     Mondl’s nomination spoke very highly of Temple, noting his love of sports, his dedication to school, and support of the community: “Whether it’s sports, church, school or whatever he’s doing, Monticello High School junior Levi Temple has been described as having a heart of gold. Not only is he talented in academics with a 4.0 GPA, but he also serves as a co-captain of the bowling team, member of the marching band, speech team, cross country, and the school choir. In the summer, you’ll find Levi helping with his church’s vacation Bible school.”

     This year, Temple is heavily involved in sports from cross country and track to bowling.

     “Sports is something I love doing, especially bowling,” expressed Temple. He added it’s also fun to socialize and hang out with his friends at the bowling alley.

     As for track and cross country, Temple said they provide added health benefits.

     Temple is also involved in the arts at school: band, jazz band, choir, ensemble choir, speech and drama.

     “I care a lot about music,” Temple said of his ultimate passion. “It’s a big part of my life, and something I’ll probably end up doing in college.”

     Temple attends Wayne Zion Lutheran Church in Monticello. As an older youth, he enjoys helping his church when his school and work schedules allow.

     “I like to support my church in any way I can,” he said. “I know any help is help. It gives me a good feeling to help others.”

     The Temple family is quite talented in the music department, and Temple is often seen performing with his family in some fashion on Sunday mornings.

     Temple also works part-time at Diamond Pi Company in Monticello. Between everything he admitted his life can get hectic.

     “It gets to be a lot,” he said.

     However, Temple said he would not be involved in so much if he didn’t truly enjoy every minute of it.

     “It’s easier to have fun with it and to be successful when you enjoy it,” he said. “I’m grateful for all of the opportunities I get to do.”

     He said getting involved in school is a way for students to explore and find out what they’re passionate and interested in.

     Mondl described Temple as “having a heart of gold.” Temple said those are words he’s never heard before about himself.

     “I never think, ‘I’m such a great guy,’” he shared. “I try to be nice and helpful and there for people.”

     Overall, Temple said whether it’s KCRG’s Student of the Month, Athlete of the Week, or MHS’ Student of the Month program, the Monticello community always has everyone’s backs and comes out in drones to show their support.

     “It’s nice to know people see me succeeding in what I do,” he said. “It shows that we have a great community.”

     Temple is the son of Pete and Diane Temple of Monticello.


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