Thank a teacher today

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     Wake the kids and phone the neighbors! We have started the month of May and we are nearing the finish line of the 2017-18 school year!

     I know our students are excited, especially the seniors. The month of May is also a great opportunity to celebrate all of our wonderful teachers in the Monticello Community School District. May 7-11 was “Teacher Appreciation Week.” I get into classrooms every week and it is always so amazing to see the instruction going on at every level. It is always common to see our students collaborating, problem solving, creating, using technology, and being challenged just the right amount. More than that, it is very obvious that teachers take great pride in the success of their students.

     To our teachers out there, “THANK YOU.” Thank you for your dedication to our students. Thank you for pushing and pulling them in a direction that will make them better and stronger. Thank you for the extra hours of planning and preparation just because you know that your students will benefit from it. Thank you for making them do the work, giving them feedback, and then getting them to redo the work to master concepts. Thank you for never giving up on our students and treating them like you would your own children. Thank you for the hugs, the compliments, and the positive reinforcement you give to build our students’ self-esteem and self-confidence. Thank you for being there to support them and sheer them on when they are up, and being there to care for them when they are down. Thank you for giving our students snacks when they have missed breakfast and thank you for those sleepless nights you have given up worrying and praying that everything will be all right for each of your students. Most of all, THANK YOU for planting the idea in each child’s mind that they can be anything and do anything in life.

     If you are a teacher, thank you and happy Teacher Appreciation Week! If you are a member of our community, take some time to thank a teacher! They truly deserve the praise and recognition.


Dr. Brian Jaeger


Monticello Schools



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