Thanks for support of Community Thanksgiving Dinner

Letter to the Editor

Dear friends and neighbors,

We wanted to send a sincere and heart-felt thank you to all who had a hand in this year’s Thanksgiving Community Dinner. From the people who donated their time, food and resources, to the many volunteers who stood with us during the set-up, serving, delivering and clean up. It always amazes us how our community rallies around this event. Because of your efforts, we were able to serve over 200 people this year, including those dining in, carryouts and deliveries. In our 11 years, we had topped the 200 people mark. In addition, to these meals, we also served about 25 volunteers as well.

     We could not do this on our own and wish to thank Dale and Gracie Zimmerman and Dennis and Jeannie McCall for their extraordinary efforts and being a part of the team to make this happen.

     With that being said, Dale and Gracie have expressed their desire not to be involved with the core team for next year’s dinner. They have been supporting the dinner for at least 16 years and have been one of the cornerstones to make it what it is today. Their value to the team has been immeasurable and they will be greatly missed. Please be sure to thank them for their service.

     If anyone would like to come along side and partner with us for next year and possibly beyond, please give us a call at 319-465-3219.

     Thanks again for supporting us in this event.

Bruce and Terry Feuling

Dale and Gracie Zimmerman

Dennis and Jeannie McCall


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