Thanksgiving Community Dinner is need of leadership volunteers

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     For the past 11 years, the core volunteer leadership team for the Monticello Thanksgiving Community Dinner (TCD) has been the same. In addition to Terry and myself, Dale and Gracie Zimmerman and Dennis and Jeannie McCall have all worked together to organize this yearly community event. Terry and I are the newbies with only 11 years of service, while Dennis and Jeannie have at least 14 years and Dale and Gracie have at least 16 years.

     After last year’s event, Dale and Gracie expressed their desire to no longer be involved in a leadership role with the TCD. Their willingness to be involved and to do whatever was needed to be done will be greatly missed, and the community should thank them for the leadership they provided, their selflessness for giving up their Thanksgiving Day and the great food they helped prepare and serve. They will be sorely missed.

     However, with their departure, we have an opening for someone else to partner with us in supporting this event. After each event we look to see what went right (so we can do it again), what went wrong (so we don’t do that again), and what we can improve upon for the next year. In addition, each year we have had a great team of volunteers to make deliveries, prepare the food and serve the meal. We could not do this without the community’s help and are very thankful for their support.

     Every year we start with $0 dollars, collect donations, provide the meal and after all expenses have been paid, the rest of the money is donated to the Monticello Food Bank, so we end with $0 dollars. 

     The TCD leadership team will be in contact with each other starting at the beginning of October. Sometimes we physically meet with each other and sometimes we just stay in contact electronically, e-mail, texting, Facebook, etc.

     If you are interested in joining the TCD leadership team or if you have any questions, please contact Bruce or Terry at 319-465-3219.


     Bruce M. Feuling

Monticello, Iowa


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