Thompson wins football contest

     Jake Thompson of Monticello is this week’s winner of the Express Football Contest. Thomson was the only contestant to miss just one game, and earned himself $15.

     Several contestants missed two games and three contestants were also closest to the tiebreaker score of 45 points. Those three are Josephine Hunt (47), Mike Jacobs (47) and Janet Oberfoell (43), all of Monticello. The three of them will split $5; the Express will even the pot to $6 so they each win a $2 bill.

     Also missing two games were Jo Ann Kehoe (42), Carol Oberfoell (42), Kevin Knapp (42) and Brad Freese (53).

     Three games were not counted: Bellevue did not play at Maquoketa Valley, and instead MV scheduled West Branch after the contest was published. The Houston-North Texas game did not take place, and the Eagles and Bengals tied after playing into overtime.

     Winners may pick up their winnings at the Express. This weeks contest had 49 entries.


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