In this together

Express Editorial

     As a small business, the Monticello Express is with all of our local small businesses during this difficult time.

     The constraints the COVID-19 pandemic have put on all area small businesses, those across Iowa and the country, are real, and everyone is feeling them together.

     The Express is working hard to bring our readers stories that show the impact of COVID-19 near and abroad. We’ve spotlighted former Monticello residents living in COVID hotspots around the country and world. We’ve shared how our very own rural hospital is impacted by this pandemic. We’ve reported on how Monticello and Jones County officials are working diligently to keep everyone safe, while urging residents to follow the restrictions outlined by the state and local governments. When schools closed, we shared the news from the teachers’ perspectives.

     In the weeks ahead, we have several more stories to share with you on how COVID-19 is still impacting and affecting every sector of the community and abroad: the farming community and agricultural sector, healthcare officials and those on the frontline, high school seniors as they see an early end to their senior year, and more.

     On a weekly basis, our coverage of Jones County Supervisor meetings always includes an update from Emergency Management and Public Health, as well as other departments, regarding their hard work in keeping up with COVID-19 cases in the county, PPE, protecting county employees, etc. Lately, the supervisors have been meeting twice a week with so much work and so many decisions to be made in this ever-changing dynamic we’re all in.

     These are new times we’re all managing right now. And seeing how people in this community come together in a time of need and a time of difficulty is quite amazing. People using their time and talents to make masks. People literally cheering on our healthcare workers. Organizations donating food to those working to keep our loved ones safe and healthy. Emergency departments volunteering time to deliver food from local restaurants and wish little kids happy birthday. Residents supporting local restaurants in a time of need.

     We’re all in this together and we’re going to get through it together as well. (K.N.B.)


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