Tractorcade reschedules Monticello event for Aug. 3-5

Staff Report

     Some important news regarding the WMT 2020 Tractorcade was released on June 25.

     WMT’s “Big Show Tractorcade” will be rolling into Monticello Monday through Wednesday, Aug. 3-5. The event will be based at the fairgrounds.

     “The fairgrounds provides some much larger space,” said Petersen.

     Earlier in the year, it was announced that the WMT Tractorcade was postponed. Now, this event combines two different Tractorcade rides out of Cedar Rapids and Des Moines: WMT and WHO.

     The announcement was made live on WMT Radio with radio host Andy Petersen live from the Jones County Fairgrounds with Fair General Manager John Harms.

     The Tractorcade will be managed by WMT staff with help from WHO.

     The deadline for those interested in taking part on the Tractorcade is Monday, July 6, to guarantee participation.

     “If you’re from a vulnerable group, don’t go,” encouraged WMT. “If you feel that you’re in the position that you can’t enjoy this at its fullest, we understand that and recommend you don’t come out this year.

     “Everyone personal safety will be taken into consideration because this is a family event,” said Petersen. “Extreme measures will be taken for the safety and health of everyone. This will be safe and fun event for all.”

     Harms praised WMT and WHO for working to combine the two Tractorcades and for all of the hard work that’s put into the planning.

     “There’s been a lot of behind-the-scenes work people don’t appreciate,” noted Harms.

     He said the Fair board and fairground will be ready for the Tractorcade visitors when they arrive.

     “With the physical nature of the fairgrounds, it’s also a city park,” noted Harms. “So there is a lot of greenspace.”

     Harms said the key to making this event work and successful is to follow the CDC guidelines and sanitation measures.

     “If we keep our distance, we can hold a big crowd,” Harms offered. “And we’re looking forward to doing that.

     “This is an opportunity to do something we haven’t done before, host an event like this,” continued Harms. “The fair board and our volunteers are all lined up.”

     Facemasks will be provided for the participants and will be recommended for those gathering indoors. There will be hand-washing stations and sanitization crews at each of the stops along the way.

     “We encourage everyone to be as safe and sanitary as possible, and to respect each other’s choices,” said WMT.

     More details about the event will be released as the event approaches.



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