Tree Board offers info on tree sale, tree contest

     The Monticello Tree Board would like to inform residents that with spring comes some opportunities to plant trees. Customers of Alliant Energy can take part in “Operation Releaf,” under the Community and Stewardship tab, even if they live in a different county. Go to and print and mail the form for Linn County. There are seven different trees for $25 each.

     Monticello will be having a sale just for residents at the end of May. The survey the Tree Board took led to the purchase of eight different species totaling 38 trees. If this goes well, they may do this again. Trees cost between $20-$40 each. Limit is one per household. If there is any remaining, they will be sold on a first come basis. People should come to City Hall, pay with a check and receive a certificate entitling them to their first choice of tree. There is a description of the trees at the clerk’s desk. Trees can then be picked up at All American Lawn & Landscape on Rock Road just north of town on Highway 38. Most trees come in a number 5 pot, which is about a 5-gallon size. There is no express warrantee and they must be planted within city limits.

     It is highly suggested to consider a tree’s mature size when planting, because it is hard to move them later. Look up at wires, rooflines, adjacent trees and satellite dishes. Look down at sidewalks and driveways and property lines. Call 8-1-1 and get the Diggers Hotline to locate all of your utilities days before you plant. Then plant carefully.

     With the Emerald Ash borer and other pathogens constantly attacking our trees, it would be nice to note just how majestic they can become.



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