Tree Board shares biggest trees in contest

     The City of Monticello Tree Board hosted the “Big Tree Contest.”

     Citizens throughout Monticello were asked to help identify the largest trees within city limits. Below are the results, with measurement based on diameter:

     • Alice and Tom Brighton, a catalpa tree at 83 inches

     • Mike Meshak, a sycamore tree at 47.75 inches

     • Richard Hanssen, a hackberry tree at 49.3 inches

     • John Sauser, a Norway spruce tree at 37.25 inches

     • Mike Meshak, an ash tree at 31.5 inches

     • Lorelei Rieken, a red oak tree at 53 inches

     • Larry and Kathy Bearce, a silver maple tree at 61.75 inches

     • Mike Meshak, a tulip tree at 35 inches

     • Richard Hanssen, a cottonwood tree at 56.37 inches

     If you think you have a bigger tree, submit it for next fall’s updated list of the biggest Monticello trees. Or if you have a tree species not measured yet, submit it.

     The Tree Board has 14 trees remaining for sale for city residents. Stop in the City Clerk’s Office for more information.             



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