United Church organ concert a success

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     The Congregation and the pastors of The United Church of Monticello wish to extend their thanks to the members of the Monticello community (and beyond) who attended our Organ Concert on Sunday, Nov. 5th – a “full house,” no less! The sterling program offered by Pastor Paul Finger on our Barckhoff Pipe Organ not only afforded an afternoon of accomplished keyboard artistry (as well as an education on the capabilities of this magnificent instrument), but also allowed for the raising of $1,100 towards its preservation and upkeep.

     While we, at United Church, feel blessed to have assumed the regular stewardship (and enjoyment) of this priceless instrument, we do so with an understanding that it is a shared local inheritance of lasting cultural importance. We look forward to hosting more opportunities for all to hear and appreciate this beautiful instrument in the coming years.

Thank you,

The United Church of Monticello


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