Urban chickens now permitted within city limits

Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     You can now raise chickens within the city limits of Monticello.

     During the last Monticello City Council meeting on Sept. 18, fees associated with raising urban chickens were approved:

     • Application – $20

     • Bands – $3 per chicken

     • Deposit – $100

     The council looked into amending the city’s code of ordinances several months ago to allow urban chickens after a couple of residents asked about the idea.

     The code specifies the following:

     • Urban chickens are permitted on single-family zoned residences and zero-lot line duplexes. Property owners not zoned as such can fill out an application for city council approval.

     • Chickens must be kept outdoors at all times.

     • Tenants must obtain written permission to raise urban chickens, and submitted as part of the application process.

     • Chickens must be confined inside a coop/fowl house no less than 18 inches high or within a fenced pen area. The coop/fenced-in area must be located in the rear yard, and all fencing materials must meet city zoning requirements. The coop must have a minimum of 4 square feet of floor area for each chicken, but not larger than 12 square feet for each chicken. The coop must be a minimum of 15 feet from any property line, and not exceeding in height.

     • A property is allowed no more than six chickens/hens. Roosters are not permitted.

     • The wings of every chicken must be clipped to eliminate the possibility of flight from the property.

     • All chickens covered by the permit must be banded in accordance with the city code/permit process. They must be banded at all times.

     • No property can possess chickens within city limits unless issued a permit by the City Clerk’s Office.

     • Permit are granted for one year, valid from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31.

     • The applicant must successfully complete an approved class in raising urban chickens, prior to being issued a permit.

     Jones County Iowa State University Extension and Outreach will be providing an Urban Chicken Training class for those residents wishing to raise chickens within the Monticello city limits.

     The completion is a prerequisite to receiving a permit from the city.

     The training will cover the following topics: ordering of chickens, setting up a brooder space, feeding and watering, long-term care, and local ordinance requirements.

     The training will be held on Thursday, Oct. 12, at 6:30 p.m. at the Citizens State Bank Youth Development Center at the fairgrounds in Monticello. The cost for the two-hour training is $25, payable to Jones County Extension. Pre-registration is required by Thursday, Oct. 5.

     To register, submit your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and payment to Jones County Extension, P.O. Box 28, Monticello, IA 52310. Contact Jones County Extension with any questions related to the training at 319-465-3224.

     If you have any questions pertaining to the Monticello Ordinance, call the City Clerk’s Office at 319-465-3577.


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