Volunteer SHIIP counselors needed in Jones Co.

For many Iowans, understanding Medicare and related health insurance can be confusing and overwhelming. Where do I start? What are my options? Am I making the right decision? What will it cost me? Is there help if I can’t afford my insurance? If I’m still working do I have to sign up for Medicare?

Trained Iowa SHIIP volunteers can help answer these and other questions about navigating health care insurance options for Iowans on Medicare. The Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) is a free health insurance counseling service of the State of Iowa Insurance Division sponsored locally by Jones County Volunteer Center and United Way of East Central Iowa.

Could you be a SHIIP volunteer? Across the state, currently more than 350 trained volunteers assist thousands of Iowans each year to understand their Medicare benefits and options through individual counseling sessions, community education, special projects, and making connections in their communities. But more counselors are needed, especially in Jones County.

Who makes a good counselor? If you are someone who enjoys tackling new challenges, likes learning new information, gains satisfaction from helping people, has good computer skills, can work with diverse populations, and can be an objective and trusted source of information, this may be great fit for you.

SHIIP provides excellent training and resources to assure SHIIP volunteers are prepared and have the tools they need for the counseling and community education.

For more information about becoming a SHIIP volunteer counselor, visit SHIIP.iowa.gov or contact Jones County Volunteer Center at 319-560-0811.

SHIIP services are free confidential and unbiased.

During Open Enrollment 2019 SHIIP counselors and Jones County Volunteer Center had 137 client contacts and saved Iowans $86,173! We need your help to continue this mission and assist Jones County residents!


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