Volunteers needed at Riverside Gardens

Letter to the Editor

Dear Monticello community members,

     What an improvement to the gazebo at Riverside Gardens. A beautiful roof newly shingled, which I understand was paid for by the city’s insurance due to hail damage.

     I have to admit, they had us all a little confused and concerned with the very light colored strip going down the angles of the roof at first. Looks amazing now.

     Also, thank you to the city for cleaning up around the walking path that surrounds the pond. It is a huge improvement. Between Riverside Garden volunteers, the city and Service for Service Day organized by local Lutheran churches, and last year by Wayne Zion, this recreational spot remains as asset that draws many visitors into Monticello.

     I have some questions for you. How many Monticello residents and visitors to our community drive through Riverside Gardens and marvel at the beauty and serenity of the gardens? How many of you make it a point to walk or bike through Riverside Gardens while out exercising? How many of your bring your camera to the gardens for a backdrop as you take pictures of your precious little ones or teens all dressed up for prom or homecoming? How many of you photographers have used Riverside Gardens for taking photos of weddings, graduations or other special events? How about enjoying your lunch in the gazebo or just sitting in your cars enjoying the view? I would venture to say a vast majority of our citizens would say “YES” many times to more than one of the above questions.

     On behalf of the Board of Directors and volunteers of Riverside Gardens, we are asking anyone who has a couple or spare hours a week, that we desperately need help maintaining the gardens. We do have some volunteers, but the majority of the work is falling on a small group of us. Some of us are trying to maintain as many as four gardens and many of these volunteers are senior citizens. Our board members are there every Monday morning to work together on gardens that have not been adopted. Stop down and talk with us. Please help us by volunteering a few hours a week of whenever you can and spread the word!

Dorrean Bohlken

Riverside Gardeners, Inc. Treasurer

Monticello, Iowa


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