Wayne Manternach, County Supervisor Dist. 1

     Name: Wayne Manternach

     Personal history/family: I am a lifelong resident of Monticello and Jones County, Iowa.

     I am married to Carrie Manternach, and together we have two children, Ryan and Hayley.

     I am a graduate of Monticello High School. I have been a co-owner of my family farm for 32 years. While farming full time, I have also served as a Jones County Supervisor for the last 12 years.

     Why did you choose to re-run for County Supervisor? Why should Jones County voters cast their ballots in your favor? I have chosen to run for re-election for Jones County Supervisor because of my desire to serve and grow Jones County. It is with this desire that I want to continue my record of being a hardworking, dedicated, and fiscally responsible servant to the citizens of Jones County.

     In my years of service, I have attended all but two scheduled-weekly meeting, I have worked on committees to increase services for Jones County, and I am the most experienced member of the board.

     With my re-election, I will continue to work to make Jones County a great and safe place to live, work, and raise a family.

     What do you believe are the core responsibilities of being a county supervisor? The core responsibilities of a county supervisor are to set policy, levy taxes, oversee county departments, and participate on assigned county and regional committees. Additionally, it is the responsibility of a supervisor to be fair to the taxpayers in order to provide the best services throughout the county.

     What do you believe are the biggest issues/concerns facing Jones County today? Some of the biggest issues facing Jones County are: creating a children’s mental health system to coincide with the current adult mental health system, repairing an aging paved road system, maintaining the gravel road system, and navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.

     As chairman of the East Central Mental Health/Disability Services Region, I am able to work in collaboration with the nine other counties to set up and deliver services throughout the entire region; ensuring that children and adults of Jones County have access to services that they need.

     The Jones County Secondary Roads Department is working to help develop strategies to complete major projects and to improve existing conditions of the roads while staying within the budget. In taking this approach, the county has removed weight restrictions on over 40 bridges in the county, done several regarding projects, and completed overlay projects on aging county hard-surface roads.

     As current chairman of the Jones County Board of Supervisors, my role includes partnering with department heads to safely and responsibly open county buildings and services. Keeping the public and county staff safe and healthy through this pandemic is of highest priority to the county and myself.

     What would be your priorities when preparing the county budget? My priorities in creating a budget are to work alongside department heads to outline and address the highest needs in Jones County. With each annual budget, it is my goal to balance the needs of the county with those of the taxpayers. This is done by research, budget hearings with the head of each department, and supervisor collaboration. It is key to provide the best services for Jones County in a fiscally responsible manner.


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