We’re in need of a change

Kim Brooks
Babbling Brooks Column
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     Hi, my name is Kimberly, Kim, Matthew, Barbara, James, and Elizabeth.

     No, I’m not doing a parody of Eminem’s “My Name Is” song. These are apparently all of my aliases, according to the numerous Democratic presidential campaign workers and volunteers who endless texted me about various campaign events throughout Iowa’s Caucus season.

     It was a rare occasion when a campaign worker would text me and actually get my name right, either addressing me as “Kimberly” or “Kim.” I always chuckled when it was not my name…

     A friend of mine shared a screenshot of a text he received from one of the candidate’s campaigns. I had to laugh… While they got his name right, they asked him if he was free that weekend to knock on doors and canvas for this particular candidate. His text message response: “If you text this number again, I will vote straight ticket Republican in November. Thank You.”

     Great comeback! I always wanted to say something snarky back to the numerous texts I received; I was just too chicken.

     It seemed like caucus season dragged on this year as opposed to four years ago. However, like I said in my column last week, national election season is quite good for Iowa. Again, so much money is spent in Iowa, so much attention is on Iowa without us really having to do much…

     Other than host a successful caucus, that is. And unfortunately, that was not possible this year. The backlash has been brutal!

     Even long-time, once-lauded news anchor Brian Williams had to jab Iowa during his late-night talk show last week: “They’re still finding votes under hay bales in Iowa.” It must be bad when the national news anchors start poking fun at Iowa for screwing up the caucuses.

     Yes, it wasn’t just the Republicans asking themselves what happened, but the Democrats, too.

     Pete Temple & I were sitting at the Express until 11 p.m. on Monday night, Feb. 3, following our coverage of both the Democrat and Republican Caucuses, waiting for the results to come pouring in. We have a hard deadline when it comes to sending the Express off to the printer. We would have been waiting a long time for the results considering they FINALLY came in late last week.

     And to make matters worse, the head of the DNC (Democratic National Committee), Tom Perez, asked the IDP (Iowa Democratic Party) to re-canvas several of its caucus site votes. Troy Price, chairman of the IPD has not said whether they will oblige or not.

     Hoping to put all this bad PR behind us, all eyes are on New Hampshire with its primary on Feb. 11.

     So many have remarked that perhaps Iowa needs to eliminate its caucus and move right into the primary. In fact, even before this recent snafu, the press questioned whether Iowa was still a great representation of the country. I would say, “No, not anymore.”

     If my opinion matters at all, I say we bid farewell to the February caucuses. (We likely just lost the coveted title anyway.) We move our June primary to Super Tuesday in March, joining 11 other states in their primaries and caucuses. And then in November, we’ll all cast our votes for president and other elected offices.

     Change is hard for some, but I fear after the 2020 Caucuses, we’re in for a change…


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