What’s on your mom and me check list?

Kim Brooks
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Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     This time of the year, it’s all about spending time with friends and family and loved ones.

     However, it seems my family is always spending time together whether it’s Christmas or not.

     I recently came across an article that talked about the seven things every mom and daughter duo should do together, at least once. My mom and I are pretty close and spend time together a lot, shopping, traveling, vacationing. I was able to cross several of these items off our list already…

Go on a road trip.


     We’ve gone on many road trips together, the most recent in September to Sturgeon Bay, Wis. While we were there for several days, we took a mini road trip and toured Door County, Wis., driving along the Lake Michigan shoreline. We stopped in many small towns to take in the sights of the massive lake. Many of these towns were the size of Monticello, yet were unincorporated. However, they had so much to offer in terms of shops, restaurants, bars, churches, mini golf courses, parks.

     My mom and I always have a blast on our road trips!

Try something new.


     In January of this year (2018), my mom and I tried something new together… We took part in the first anniversary of the Women’s March at the Capitol in Des Moines.

     We weren’t there under protest. We weren’t there to antagonize anyone. We weren’t there in anger. We simply went to be a part of history and to hear from some phenomenal speakers about their backgrounds as DACA students, as a Muslim in America, as a woman in politics.

     This experience was something I’ll never forget, and glad my mom and I witnessed it together.

Volunteer together.


     Growing up, my mom always encouraged my younger and sister and I to volunteer in our community. We volunteered for church suppers. We volunteered as part of our confirmation class. We volunteered for out town’s Fourth of July festivities. We volunteered for library events.

     And, those same sentiments are still strong in me today. I serve on several committees in Monticello and Jones County. Volunteering is just something our family enjoys doing.

Run (or walk) a race.

     I’ll admit, that is not something my mom and I have ever done. But, never say never, right? There’s always a chance…

Make an old family recipe.


     We make our family’s famous green bean casserole for almost every family gathering. My sister and I have that recipe down pat!

     My mom also makes the best pot roast, potatoes and carrots!

     We have several go-to recipes for special occasions.

Read the same book at the same time.


     My mom and I share a love of reading and books. We both serve on our town’s library boards. We both frequent our town libraries. We both love going to bookstores and browsing the endless selections of books. I am glad we have this pastime in common.

     Many times my mom has purchased a book that I want to read, or vice versa. I don’t lend my books out to just anyone.

     We constantly share the contents of a book with each other, which ultimately spurs interest in the other to read that particular book.

Build something.

     Well… that’s another bucket list item we have yet to do. I know growing up we did crafts together, built Lego sets together. (Heck, I still enjoy Legos!) Not sure if Legos classifies as building something together or not, but it’s start.



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