Whitney Hein, County Auditor

     Name: Whitney Hein

     Personal history: I grew up on a farm in rural Fairfield, Iowa, and graduated from Fairfield High School. I then went to get my Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural business and Bachelor of Science degree in animal science from Iowa State University.

     I currently work for TriOak Foods as a fieldman in Delaware County where I oversee the management of 60,000 hog spaces. I work with growers on all aspects of their hog business from logistics to health to feed and marketing.

     I also currently serve on the Wayne Zion Lutheran Church council and have been active with the Monticello 4-H Clover Kids.

     Family: My husband, Ben Hein, and 5-month-old daughter Lainey, and I live in rural Monticello on the family farm. Ben farms, as well as volunteers on the Monticello Ambulance and Monticello Fire Department.

     Why are you seeking the office of county auditor? I am seeking the office of county auditor because I want to use my skillset to serve the people of Jones County. I have always been very passionate about being active in the community and working with others to make the place that we live the best it can be.

     What skills/background/experience do you bring to the role of county auditor? My degree in agricultural business prepared me for a variety of roles. Not only do I have a business degree, but I also have hands-on experience in managing farm finances, multi-tasking, paying close attention to detail, and communicating effectively.  I believe that it is very important to not only have the skillset to work to manage the county budget, but also to work well with others.

     What significant issues with the Auditor’s Office have to deal with in the coming year? How might you address them? As everyone knows, this period in time has been something that not anyone has experienced before. I think the biggest issue that the Auditor’s Office has to deal with right now is the way that elections will be conducted for the Primary Election in June. The Auditor’s Office has to prepare for an increase in absentee ballots and determine how in-person voting will be handled to accommodate social distancing. In the months after the primary, decisions will also have to be made on how to handle voting in November with the potential for social distancing to still be in effect at that time.

     What personal goals do you have in serving as county auditor? Personally, I would like to develop new relationships within the county. My current role has me working outside of the county. My home community has always been very important to me and by running for county auditor, I am able to connect with more people in my own community.

     What would be your priorities when working with the county supervisors in preparing the county budget? When working with the county supervisors, my main goal would be to provide them with accurate information and numbers in regards to the budgets. I would also work to have excellent communication with the board so that the budget is completely transparent to them.

     How do you see your role as Commissioner of Elections? Do you anticipate any changes with that role in conducting elections? As commissioner of elections, I do not anticipate a lot of changes in the coming years. I believe that the elections in Jones County have been run very efficiently and I plan to continue that.

     New this year, the county auditor has launched a new Jones County Iowa Elections Facebook page and website (jonescountyiowaelections.gov). I plan to continue to build upon these platforms to keep the public informed, as well as use traditional methods such as newsprint. I think these platforms have been extremely important this year to help get information out to the county citizens in this time of social distancing.

     My ultimate goal as Jones County Auditor is to report election results timely and accurately.


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