Whitney Hein will continue excellence as county auditor

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     In case you haven’t heard, Janine Sulzner is stepping down from the position of Jones County Auditor. We thank you, Janine, for your faithful and excellent service to Jones County and wish you the very best.

     Ms. Whitney Hein has announced her intent to fill that vacancy and would very much appreciate your vote. I highly recommend you support her. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

     Whitney is a devoted wife and mother, a tireless worker, smart and well educated. She has proven her value to the business world and to the agricultural industry by her performance as a representative for three different firms providing products and services related to the agriculture industry. In every position she was charged with considerable responsibility and interacted with all levels of management from the operator in the field to corporate staff personnel.

     Whitney is also an essential part of the Hein family farm enterprise. She approaches every task with a 100-percent attitude.

     The election of Whitney Hein as Jones County Auditor will ensure the continued excellent performance of that office.

Clyde E. Meyer

Monticello, Iowa


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