Why are you voting ‘Yes?’

     The Monticello Express is heading to the streets of Monticello, asking residents why they plan to support the school bond issue and vote “yes.” Each week we will feature those who strongly support the new middle school project, and why they feel it’s a needed investment.

“I think the school children, school staff and community need for us to vote yes on Sept. 11. The kids and staff deserve a safe and comfortable environment so they can learn and succeed. As a parent who has had at least one of her children in middle school for the last 10 years and a former school employee, I know first hand that a new school is needed. If we want to draw new families and businesses into Monticello, then we need to be able to have great schools. Take the time to vote for the future of our community; I know I will be voting yes.” (Penny Schmit)

“A new school should be built because the old one is falling apart and this plan is fiscally the most responsible. If we don’t act on it now, the plans will only get more expensive and I feel like we are doing a disservice to the kids in the Monticello school system if we don’t provide them with a conducive and responsible learning environment.” (Tyler Hospodarsky)

“To me, the foundation of a healthy community is a good school system. You can have the best teachers around, but if they don’t have the facilities and the best learning environment available then they’re limited to what they can do. Our school should also be accessible to all students no matter their physical or intellectual abilities, and that middle school is not.” (Shannon Poe)

“I’m voting yes for the future of my grandkids and of my town. I think it’s important for the town to grow with a new school.” (Mike McNally)

“I voted yes because I went to school in Monticello and the facilities need to be updated. I also believe that with a newer school it will bring the younger generation back to Monticello.” (Dylan Hayen)

“I am voting yes in order to continue to keep drawing people to Monticello. We’re going to have to make education a priority, which includes our facilities. The middle school needs to be replaced and the proposal to build it alongside the high school is a viable solution.” (Diane Gray)

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