Wood urged to revisit P&Z with new site plan

Board of Supervisors
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     After a lengthy discussion with Anamosa developer Dean Wood at the June 23 supervisor meeting, Wood and his surveyor (Bill Burger) were present at the June 30 Jones County Supervisor meeting to further hash out the issue.

     Wood started building an additional storage unit on his property on County Road E-34, but ran into issues with the Conditional Zoning Agreement he signed in May 2017. That includes providing adequate parking and setback regulations.

     Burger presented the board with a revised site plan that provides 48 parking spots, taking into account parking alongside E-34, which the supervisors were against.

     “I am not a professional as far as laying out parking stalls,” noted Burger. “I’m not an expert.”

     In addition, Burger acknowledged that Wood cannot build his structure on the existing walls. To meet the setback rules, he has to build a new wall 3½ feet inside the existing walls.

     Land Use Administrator Michele Lubben said the Planning & Zoning Commission meets the second Tuesday of every month. She advised Wood to present his revised site plan at their next meeting.

     “I feel I’ve met everything that’s been asked building-wise,” Wood said of fulfilling the county’s requirements.

     County Engineer Derek Snead said Secondary Roads does have plans in the future to resurface E-34, as well as install curb and gutter to correct issues along the shoulder of the roadway. With that in mind, he said parking along the shoulder is likely not going to be an option.

     The board approved requesting Wood to present his site plan to P&Z before the supervisors take further action.

In other county business:

     • The board approved the compensation for the Election Board officials:

     Precinct officials will receive $175 per election and $30 per training session.

     Precinct Chairs will receive $225 per election and $30 per training session.

     Special Precinct Election Board members will receive $25 per day.

     Special Precinct Election Board Chairs will receive $25 per day.

     Post-Election Audit Team members will receive $10 per hour, $25 minimum pay.

     Those testing election equipment, delivering equipment, and providing setup will receive $13.50 an hour.

     Results couriers will receive $25 per election.

     Each election official will also be reimbursed mileage at the current county rate.

     • The board adopted a Blood Borne Pathogen policy for the county, as recommended by the County Employee Safety Committee. The committee is chaired by John Klein, Conservation Park Ranger.

     “We’ll see how long it takes to work with Public Health to get this implemented and moving,” noted Klein, acknowledging the fact that PH is still working through the COVID-19 pandemic.

     • The board approved Sheriff Greg Graver’s request to appoint Deputy Tim Smith as investigator/sergeant. This is a position that was previously filled by Deputy Brian Eckhardt.

     Graver said Smith has been handling federal cases, and has seen much success with weapons charges and child pornography cases.

     “He’s taken the lead on some of the worst cases we’ve seen,” Graver said. “He’s the right person to fill the job.”

     In addition, some jail administration duties will be added to the position.

     Smith’s pay will increase from $28.17 an hour to $32.67, effective July 1.

     • The board approved seven FY 2021 law enforcement and emergency communications contracts with various cities in Jones County.

     • The board awarded a bid for the purchase of a small crawler dozer for Secondary Roads to Altorfer for $147,286, the low bidder.

     • The board set a public hearing for Tuesday, July 28 at 9:30 a.m. to proceed with condemnation proceedings for the Lead Mine Road project.

     • The board approved a three-year collective bargaining agreement with P.P.M.E. Local 2003. The contract includes pay increases for each year at 3 percent, 2.75 percent, and 2.75 percent.

     • The board approved several committee appointments:

     Jeff Pitlik, five-year term on Conservation Board;

     Dennis Gray, three-year term with Veterans Affairs Commission;

     Paul Thomsen, five-year term as the Supervisor District 5 representative on Board of Adjustment;

     And Tim Fay, Supervisor District 1, and Keith Stamp, Supervisor District 2, representatives on Planning & Zoning Commission.


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