Wyoming Fair to be held after all

     In early June, the Wyoming Fair Association announced the postponement of the 2020 Wyoming Fair, which would be held in 2021.

     Late last week, they rescinded their initial action and announced that the fair would “proceed but with limited events.” So, the 86th Annual Wyoming Fair will take place July 10-12, 2020.

     With great exuberance, excitement and anticipation, the Wyoming Fair Association Board of Directors will welcome the community back together again and provide a much-needed sense of normalcy during the Wyoming Fair and the Wyoming fairgrounds with proper changes due to COVID-19.

     Given the very fluid, quickly evolving and rapidly changing nature of the re-opening of activities in Iowa, board members proudly voted on June 18 to re-open the fairgrounds for public activities on June 20, and are re-energized to resume planning and execution of the much-anticipated 86th Annual Wyoming Fair.

     Even though it ought to go without saying, the health and safety of their volunteers and attendees is of primary importance, and with the support of local and state officials, extreme measures will be taken to protect everyone involved.

     Per the guidance of Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, it will be up to attendees to practice personal responsibility and self-discipline in following reasonable public health procedures, distancing and guidelines set forth in order to determine if they feel comfortable attending the fair. High risk and vulnerable individuals are especially asked to take this consideration seriously.

     “I certainly hope, and want to see, agriculture celebrations and certainly 4-H and FFA activities proceed, and I’m happy to see some fairs proceed,” said Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig on WMT and WHO Radio’s The Big Show in response to news that the Wyoming, Cedar County, Jackson County, Boone County, and Sac County fairs would operate basically as scheduled in July. “These are locally made decisions, and everybody’s situation is different, and I support all of those.”

     Operating on a shortened planning schedule, fair board members have decided to go back to basics in terms of activities with the original Horse Show, which started everything the fair has become today, the 4-H and FFA Calf Show and Bucket Bottle Calf Show, and the ECITPA Tractor Pull, along with additional locally-sanctioned classes highlighting the modified schedule.

     The board also voted to proceed with ordering and installing a part of the special new playground equipment, in order to recognize and celebrate the achievements of project lead Kristina Agnitsch and all of the Midland 2020 senior class since so many of their milestone activities were taken from them by the invisible virus.

     “The community has been so good to us over the years, so supportive and so kind,” said fair board spokesman Andy Petersen. “In fact, our improvement projects this past decade have been funded mainly by their generous donations. This organization has a history, tradition and heritage of providing entertainment, camaraderie, and courage even during difficult times – we have never postponed, even during WWII – so it’s only appropriate to continue in the footsteps of those who came before us. Given the absolute horror that has been the first half of 2020, we feel a strong obligation, duty and charge to quickly follow in the footsteps Governor Reynolds’ initiatives of re-opening the state and getting back to living again by providing that safe opportunity to Wyoming, Jones County and surrounding area residents”

     Certain, specific details are still being ironed out, and will be provided soon. In the meantime, visit wyomingiowafair.com or the “Wyoming Fair” Facebook page to keep up on the latest details.


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