Years Gone By

5 years ago:

• Wayne Zion Lutheran Church welcomed a new pastor, Wade Reddy. This is Reddy’s first church as an ordained minister. Reddy is a second career pastor. He previously spent 27 years as a licensed nursing home administrator. Wayne Zion has only been without a pastor for four months, a quick turnaround. Reddy and his wife, Liz, have two adult children. (2/11/2015)

• The Monticello JV girls basketball team closed out its season with a perfect 20-0 record. They finished the season with wins against Wilton (54-13) and Mid-Prairie (41-34). They had four games where they trailed by at least 10 points and came back to win each one. (2/11/2015)

10 years ago:

• The Oak Drive Club of Scotch Grove celebrated its 75th anniversary. It was organized in 1939 with 10 members. The purpose of the club was to study information provided by Iowa State University Extension and encourage help and fellowship to the ladies in the community. Their motto: “…to be a friend, be one.” The club name was chosen because of the many oak trees in the area. Over 100 ladies have been members at different times over the years. (2/10/2010)

25 years ago:

• Center Junction Postmaster Deb Manternach distributed mail to her 80 post office box holders at a new post office. After 139 years, Center Junction has a new post office. The building, built in 1855, is now in the process of being torn down due to its poor condition. The new post office was built by Don and Yuba Oster, who wanted to see mail service continue in Center Junction. (2/8/1995)

• The newly formed Monticello Community Planning Board is focusing on the future of Monticello. The board elected Ken Messer as chair and Sharon Kromminga as secretary. Board members represent governing bodies and groups within the Monticello community for the purpose of building a planned outline of goals and projects for Monticello in the coming years. This board has convinced the city council to delay a vote for a bond for the Youth Center until an adequate plan is in place. (2/8/1995)

50 years ago:

• Art Kromminga purchased the tractor and implement division at Freese Motors. The new Ford implement business, located at the south end of the old Monticello airport, will be named Kromminga Motors. Freese has been in the tractor and implement business for 24 years. Freese will continue to sell Ford cars and trucks. Kromminga has added a 50-by-80-foot building to its existing facilities. Kromminga, 33, is married to the former Sharon Freese. They have four children: Crystal, 12; Gregory, 11; Vanessa, 9; and Richmond, 6. (2/12/1970)

• The Monticello School Board accepted the resignation of High School Principal John Thomas. It takes effect June 1, 1970 at the end of his contract. Thomas said this has been something he’s considered for a while. He plans to pursue a career as a school superintendent. Two weeks ago, it was announced that the new Monticello superintendent would be John Messerli, replacing Boyd Shannon who served since 1944. (2/12/1970)

100 years ago:

• A valentines dance will take place in the Kinsella Hall next Saturday evening, Feb. 14. Bring your young lady and have a good time. Donneley’s Orchestra of Anamosa will perform. (2/12/1920)

• The stockholders of the Jones County Fair Association held their annual meeting at the Monticello Public Library last Friday evening. The following were elected as directors: E.G. Hicks, C.A. Doxsee, J.J. Hayes, F.J. Kay, G.P. Rockstad, L.A. Iverson, Ray George, W.A. Berry, and A.J. Stuhler. They suggested Aug. 23-27 as the dates for the next fair. The association is in a healthy financial condition. All indebtedness has been met and there is a tidy sum in the treasury. During the past year, the association built an $1,800 hog pavilion. (2/12/1920)


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