Zirkelbach, county supervisors make best decisions for taxpayers

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     We believe that we are fortunate to have the five sitting members on the Jones County Board of Supervisors.

     We believe that Jon Zirkelbach has many of the attributes that we all need in our elected officials. Those would include a positive attitude and being open minded. Jon Stays abreast of what is going on throughout the whole county because he feels that is important.

     We feel that Jon is one of those people that are willing to listen to every person regardless of viewpoint.

     Also, we are very proud of our Board of Supervisors because they support all of us. They also trust the other boards, for instance, the Jones County Conservation Board, within the county to make the best decisions for the taxpayers of Jones County.

     We really appreciate the dedication that Jon Zirkelbach gives to his elected position.

Carl and Jan Takes

Amber, Iowa



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